New Clubs on the Block at TCHS

Clubs at TCHS have provided places for students with all different interests to connect and collaborate. This year, many different clubs have been introduced and are looking for new members to join. Due to the diversity of clubs at TCHS, it will not be difficult for students to find a club that fits them.

Accounting Team

For students interested in math or looking for a career in finance, the Accounting Team is the way to go. Students can learn basic accounting theory, such as balancing accounting equations and preparing financial statements. They are able to compete in meets and represent Timber Creek at district competitions. For more information, contact Ms. Carla Wright in room M112.

The Spanish Honor Society

Formally known as Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, the Spanish Honor Society encourages the study and learning of the Spanish language and culture, while recognizing student achievement in the Spanish language. It is sponsored by Señora Williams and led by President Hira Vayani. Members are required to attend monthly meetings and complete 15 hours of community service that directly affect the Spanish speaking community. They also have opportunities for educational scholarships and travel programs, as well as opportunities to participate in educational activities, such as writing for the national magazine. The Spanish Honor Society inducted their first group of members at the end of the 2015-16 school year.

The Sports Medicine Club

Founded by Allison Shannon and sponsored by Clint Morris, was established to introduce students to different career options that primarily involve sports medicine. The club will help students explore their interests and find the direction they want to go with their career. Members will have opportunities to hear guest speakers talk about their occupations and ask questions about the path they took to get there. Member responsibilities include attendance of meetings and participation in educational activities that can expose them to different aspects of the medical field, such as ankle taping competitions or observing a surgery. Meeting times are still to be determined, but club leaders are planning to have the first meeting in October.

The Junior World Affairs Council

JWAC is an organization that strives to create global citizens that are aware and involved in the issues affecting the world today. Members discuss political, social and environmental problems that affect people on a global scale and find possible ways that they can help or cause change. There will be interesting guest speakers and special events that JWAC members can attend, as well as discussions during meetings where members can share their opinions on issues that they are passionate about. The first meeting is planned to be Oct. 12 at 4 p.m. in room C 107. The organization is sponsored by Melissa West and Jake Maddox.

The History Club

The History Club was established to encourage the learning of history and emphasize the importance of historical events on the human race. The club is intended to be a place where students who share a love for history can express their ideas and gain knowledge together. The club is led by President Hannah Mailhos and is sponsored by Ben Metcalf.

The Jewelry Club

The Jewelry Club, sponsored by Ginger Musto, was introduced to teach students how to make different types of jewelry and serve as a creative platform where students can experiment with different styles of jewelry-making. The club requires no prior knowledge of jewelry-making, and accepts students of all skill levels. Beginners are able to learn different techniques, while advanced members are able to share ideas and create different styles of jewelry. The club meetings are planned to be every other Monday, but the first meeting is still to be determined.

No matter where your passions lie, there are plenty of clubs that are able to fulfill your interests. By joining clubs, students can bond with peers through common interests and further explore their curiosities.

Sports Medicine Club 

(Written by Caroline Epperson)

The Sports Medicine club is having their first meeting on Oct. 21 in Coach Morris’ room in A102 at 7:45 a.m. If you are interested in joining you can pick up an application in A102 and there is no fee to join unless you want a t-shirt. There are multiple opportunities available through field trips and guest speakers. As of right now there will be monthly meetings.


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