The Creek Yearbook

Everything you need to know about The Creek Yearbook, last updated June 14, 2022

Order Class of 2022 Group Photos HERE





CADY provides everything needed for the formal yearbook photos

All seniors wishing to appear in the senior portrait section of the yearbook, must be photographed by CADY Studio. Only the individual senior yearbook portraits are required to be taken by CADY. CADY will provide TCHS Yearbook staff with one yearbook image for each senior. Photos used in senior yearbook tributes may be taken by any photographer a family chooses.

When shooting your SENIOR YEARBOOK PHOTOS with CADY, you have 2 options

1. Book a time at CADY’s Grapevine studio. It’s just 3 miles past Southlake Town Square. The smallest session is the “Simple” which includes the formal yearbook photo, cap and gown, and your choice of background with whatever outfit you choose to bring. The sitting fee for the Simple is $30 which will be applied toward your package purchase. You can add additional backgrounds and locations for additional fees. DEADLINE is OCTOBER 30. Make your APPOINTMENT HERE:

2. If traveling to the Grapevine studio doesn’t work for you, book your appointment during one of the Road Days on August 13 or October 1 in the TCHS upper gym. CADY will bring everything you need for the formal yearbook photo, cap and gown, and a limited number of their backgrounds. Select the Simple or Standard sessions and “School Scenes” when you make your APPOINTMENT HERE:

Any senior with a financial concern may swing by the TCHS front office and pick up a voucher card. The voucher card will allow the student to go online and book a complimentary Simple session at either the Grapevine studio or the Road Day, free of charge.


  • ALL SUMMER – Senior Photo sessions at CADY Studio in Grapevine.
  • Aug 13 and Oct 1 – Senior Photo Road Day sessions at TC in the upper gym.
  • Oct 30 – FINAL DEADLINE for Senior Photos to be taken and still appear in the senior yearbook portraits. At CADY Studio in Grapevine. (If you wait until this deadline, your yearbook pose will be chosen for you.)
  • Oct 30 – FINAL DEADLINE for SENIORS to select your own yearbook image from your CADY yearbook online proofs. (If you have not selected one, your yearbook pose will be chosen for you.)


PICTURE DAY (Grades 9-11)

  • Oct 26 & 27 – Picture Days grades 9-11 during English classes.
  • Dec 1 – Retake/Make-Up Picture Day grades 9-11 in the upper gym during lunches. No appointment needed.
  • Although they are not listed on the website, single sheets are available from CADY. Call them to place your order: (678) 722-3449.



Oct 31 – DEADLINE to upload photos, text, and pay for the Senior Yearbook Tribute. This must all be done in one transaction.


1. Choose 1 great recent or senior photo. Vertical for full or 1/4 page. Horizontal or square-ish for 1/2 page. Zoom in and be sure the FACE is crystal clear. Look in last year’s Creek yearbook to see which images make for the best ads.

2. Choose great family memory photos. Scan them on a FRESHLY CLEANED SCANNER if they’ve been printed. (NO SCREENSHOTS 📵 and don’t you dare take a picture of a picture.) You can scan photos at Walgreens.

3. Write a short and sweet PERSONAL message. No quotes unless they are at least 100 years old. (Don’t google search graduation poems. We know you do…)

4. The “HEADLINE” is your student’s name. If you want their middle name included, be sure to add it.

5. Know which image you’d like to be the largest? Tell us in the notes, or let us choose which will work best.

6. Don’t over crop or try to “photoshop” your images. If there’s something you need, we can likely help.

7. Trust us. We’ve got experience and know-how to create beautiful tributes. We’ve even teach other schools how at national yearbook workshops. We’re good. ; )

8. You will receive a proof before we print your tribute. Likely in early December.

9. The purchase of a senior ad DOES NOT include a yearbook.

Upload it all in one transaction at by October 31.