Help Form Timber Creek’s Spanish Honor Society


Students interested in helping start the Timber Creek chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society should plan to attend meetings scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25 and March 3, 2016 at 7:45 a.m.

Applications will be made available the week of March 7 from your Spanish teacher.

Requirements are…
1.    Currently in a Spanish class and must be enrolled in a Spanish class through your time in NSHS.
2.    A sophomore, junior, or senior.
3.    Have a 80 or higher cumulative semester average in a Spanish Pre-AP/Spanish AP class or a 90 or higher cumulative semester average for Spanish on-level.
4.    In the 2nd semester of Spanish 2 or higher AND have 3 semesters of Spanish on your transcript.
5.    Willing to do at least 15 hours of Spanish-related community service this school year.

Induction for the Spanish Honor Society are tentatively scheduled for after Spring Break.

For more information, see Senora Williams.

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