On Sep. 9, Varsity Football faced Coppell High School for U.S.A. night at home. The game started off on a great note with a patriotic lead and revolutionary nest costumes featuring some founding fathers, the Statue of Liberty and even a bald eagle. Sadly the Falcons came out of the fourth quarter with a last minute loss at 44-38.

Though the falcons were the first to score in the first quarter, the Cowboys managed to catch up by the end of the second. With only a few minutes left of the second quarter, a last minute touchdown by the Cowboys put the Falcons behind going into half time. The next two quarters were a game of catch up. Sadly however, another touchdown by the Cowboys at the end of the fourth put the Falcons back and without enough time left the game ended with the cowboys up by 6.

Photos and more from the game and pep rally can be bought here. Smug mug is a yearbook fundraiser that helps promote and fund their program.

Even with the loss, the game was still a successful front with a great number of players out. Next weeks game is away at Southlake Carroll and the theme is Western Night. Make sure to come out in Western wear for a wild night!

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By Mason Bass

Mason Bass is a born and raised Texan who loves journalism and photography. She also hopes to one day become an aspiring traveler.