Cover for Markipliers video: In Space With Markiplier

Good morning, Captain. We are currently <ERROR> years into our journey. Coffee is en route. Current ship status is <ABSOLUTELY CATASTROPHIC>. Initialzing Emergency Wakey-Wakey Protocol…”

– The Computer

Popular creator Markiplier is finally back with his next choose-your-own-adventure project: a sci-fi action-comedy revolving around a ship flying in space called The Invincible ll, yet we are soon to find out that the ship doesn’t live up to its name. In Space with Markiplier places the viewer as the Captain of the ship, and yet once the Captain steps in, issues begin to arise and the multiversal crisis starts.

What’s the Plot?

The story starts off as the Shuttle Pilot flies the Captain to the Invincible II, a ship that Mark had created. The pilot warns the Captain not to stand close to the glass and is cleared to dock. The shuttle docks a little early which startles the Captain, but they land safely. The Captain then saluted the Shuttle Pilot, to which the pilot responds by asking the Captain out for a drink, but it was met with silence.

Once inside the ship, the Captain is greeted by Mark. Before exiting, Mark gives the Captain a tour of his fine ship. His first stop was the warp core, a secluded room where a large grey object resided in the middle, caution tape littered the area and scientists scattered about. Mark immediately admits he doesn’t know how it works but still uses its potential anyways, he then proceeds to walk right next to it instead of going around it to the door on the other side of the room. They then head down to the main reactor and introduces them to Burt. Afterward, they head into cryo and meet Celcionna, and the Captain then sees Mark and Cel squabble until they exit the area. 

Mark and the Captain make their way to the main cockpit, where they meet Gunther, the head of the Asteroid Defense System, who is very arrogant about his abilities. The crew is very excited to meet the Captain but they are all ignored as we continue to follow Mark. When Mark and the Captain enters the cockpit, they see the warp core suddenly malfunctioning, forcing everyone to quickly rush to their cryo pods. Once the duo steps into theirs, Mark had something crucial to tell the Captain but is cut off. 

The Captain is not fully asleep when the warp core activates, and witnesses being transported through a wormhole. After waking again, the Captain gets ejected out of their cryo-chamber and finds the ship in a very catastrophic state. The Captain looks over to see Mark getting ejected out of his chamber as well, except it shoots him into the windows, causing the glass to break and sending Mark into the void of outer space. From this point on, the Captain (the viewer) gets to choose what to do next, with the first choice of either putting the fire out or fixing life support.

When does the second part come out?

The second part of In Space with Markiplier was released on May 02 of 2022. The first part of the interactive series was released on April 4th to celebrate Mark’s tenth anniversary on YouTube. 

In Space with Markiplier: Part 1

By Jasmine Adams

Jasmine Adams is a Senior at Timber Creek High School. She has a year of Talon under her belt, as well as five years of AVID. She has a passion for digital art and photography.