Trees are being destroyed each year, but we also lose ecosystems in the process. 36 million of trees are destroyed by humans desire to gain more space or gain more resources, causing the decline of its population to escalate. Luckily, we have organizations worldwide that are prone to saving trees that could help save mankind; and the effect is defiantly showing. 1.9 billion trees are planted every year by professionals in these groups; and by people who want to help. Some of the main groups of tree-planters and tree savors are; The MillionTrees Project, The Green Belt Movement and American Forests.

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Saving Trees

Jennifer Adams, an operations manager from a trade show company called Informa, had said, “I think it is okay that they are being taken down due to people’s essentials, and to replace things that are needed with wood,” she continues,”As long as they are planting more, then it is fine.” She talks more about how if we plant more then demolish; and the balance stays then in the future we should be safe. “The part that always breaks my heart is when there are fires because you can’t stop those; the land takes longer to heal, and you cant plant there.”

Chance Campbell, a student at Timber Creek, had said, “We need them to do a lot of things in today’s society; if we are planting more than we are taking, then there’s going to be a growth in trees in the future.” He talks about if losing the majority of the trees in the world either caused by natural causes or by man; we still have various forms of plants that can still give us oxygen that we need.

People around the world believe that if they plant more, the plentiful the tree population will be in the future. Theres hundreds of them that go about their day, and plant trees into the ground; various different types depending on where the majority of the them are. Saving the tree population can save us in the future.

How to Help

Donating to different organizations can help with future tree population inclines, you can easily donate some money to these groups by visiting their websites and donating there. Plant A billion and One Tree Planted are just a few organizations you could donate too with a simple click of a button. If you don’t want to donate, picking up trash and cutting down on how much tree related products you use can slowly but surely help out with the survival of the trees. Protecting the trees are a main objective to our own survival, we can help them and they will help us.

Links to the Organizations

By Jasmine Adams

Jasmine Adams is a junior at Timber Creek High School. She has a year of Talon under her belt, as well as five years of AVID. She has a passion for digital art and photography.