Starting this summer, the senior class officers had started their journey towards finding the perfect prom venue for the class of 2022. After touring five venues and exploring every possibility and what-ifs, the class of 2022’s prom will be hosted at River Ranch Stockyards. The prom theme will be ‘Glitz and Glam.’

“[Prom] was a long process and kind of stressful, but it was such a relief once we finally found our venue and decided,” class president Hannah Ongmanchi said.

The process of finding the perfect prom started in early July. Starting the tour, was the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, which was then followed by a tour at the AT&T Stadium and the Fort Worth Zoo. The senior class had also explored other hotel options after an inspiring meeting with principal, Shawn Duhon. After many emails and phone calls, the senior class had decided on River Ranch which hosted the class of 2021’s prom last year.

“Something I really liked about River Ranch is that there are different locations and places for people who enjoy all sorts of stuff,” Ongmanchi said.

There are many factors to consider when picking a prom venue. One of the more obvious factors would be the capacity. Considering that the senior class has almost 800 students in their graduating class, the venue has to provide space for everyone and their date. Another critical factor would be decoration, the senior class officers had to consider whether the venue allowed ballots and confetti along with whether or not the venue could host a wide mix of prom themes.

“River Ranch’s venue allows students to decide how you want to make your own prom magical,” Ongmanchi said.

River Ranch Stockyards was the chosen-to-be prom venue because it checked off most of the wants and needs for the class of 2022. The venue provides enough space, free parking, and is only 22 minutes away from the school. River Ranch also provides space for lawn games, campfires, projectors, and a cactus garden.

“I’m looking forward to prom in general because it’s something everybody talks about like the high school experience,” senior Madison Hunt said. “Prom is the night to remember.”

View photos from the senior class officers’ prom search below.

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