UPDATED: EYNTKA English 1 and 2 Spring 2021 STAAR/EOC Tests

The English 1 and 2 STAAR End of Course exams are back for Spring 2021 and here’s Everything You Need To Know (EYNTKA) about them, UPDATED on April 7.

Part 1: The Schedule

The English 1 EOC was originally scheduled to take place on April 6 before a state-wide system issue forced online students to be unable to test.

Although students that tested on paper were able to complete the test, students with online tests have been rescheduled to Friday, April 9.

The English 2 EOC is still scheduled to be on April 8. All students must test in person at TCHS. Students are not allowed to test students remotely.

Passing these EOC Exams is a requirement for high school graduation, so we take this very seriously. To prioritize the safety of our students who will be testing, April 8 and, now, April 9 will be Asynchronous Instructional Days for all students not involved in a STAAR EOC Exam. Students who are not testing on April 8 and April 9 will remain at home and receive an assignment or activity from their teachers. This allows us to use the entire building for testing. Students who will be testing will be required to wear masks during the day, just as they would during a regular school day.

The STAAR EOC English Exams have a 5-hour time limit. Students will be eating lunch in their test centers, so they need to bring a sack lunch to school for their testing day. Students will be able to purchase a sack lunch before school in the cafeteria if they do not bring one. No outside deliveries will be accepted. Child Nutrition will be providing free breakfast for students during STAAR EOC Exam days; breakfast will be for testing students only.

Testing will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. Students will have a specific room assigned for testing and will stay in that room to test and eat lunch. Students will be dismissed to return home upon the completion of testing around 2:30 p.m. Buses will run at the normal time after a regular school day in the event your student needs to wait at school and catch the bus home. Students will be allowed to wait in the Cafeteria for transportation.

As always, students who are testing are expected to be well-rested, arrive on time, and be mentally prepared for testing.

Part 2: The Locations

Testing room assignments are posted below and were emailed home. Rooms are also posted at the main entrances to the building. Please find your testing room prior to the morning of testing.


ENGLISH 2 – 10th Grade – April 8

ENGLISH 1 – 9th Grade – April 9
NOTE: (Currently the room assignments are the same as April 6th. If this updates, we’ll update the list)

If you’re not testing, you stay home. Again, if you’re not testing, you stay home.

Part 3: The Testing Process

Over this next year, TEA is moving all state assessments to an online format. Keller ISD will administer the April and May STAAR EOC Exams this school year online, unless a student’s 504, IEP or LEP documentation indicates a paper assessment is required. Moving the testing online will also reduce the physical handling of answer documents and test booklets to support our COVID-19 protocols.

Consequently, all students are required to bring their charged Chromebook to school on their respective STAAR EOC Exam days. Practice tests are available on the testing application located on the lower left-hand corner of a student’s Chromebook.

View the Practice Test Document here:

The technology department has recommended that all students update their Chromebooks prior to taking the online EOC.

View the Chromebook Update Document here:

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a remote student, how do I get to campus on testing days?
Students can ride the bus on testing days — look for information from Keller ISD about this option. Student can also be dropped off, or can drive themselves and park in any general parking space (unpainted spots)

I’m not in any test, what do I do?
As mentioned above, non-testing students get to STAY HOME on April 8 and/or April 9 for an asynchronous day of classes. Your teachers will send information about what to do on those two dates. And, heads up, April 8 is an even days, April 9 is an odd day.

Wait, Chromebooks? Online testing? Huh?
Yes, it’s a little different. Read Part 3 again real quick. Also, read this story to find out why the English 1 test has to be rescheduled: https://www.timbercreektalon.com/2021/04/online-staar-testing-crashes-state-wide-cancels-april-6-exam/

But what if I don’t have a Chromebook?
All TCHS students should have been issued a Chromebook earlier this year. Find it, charge it, update it, and bring it on the day of your test.

Can I use a different laptop?
No. Only district-issued Chromebooks are allowed. It has to do with test security and other elements.

What if I forget my Chromebook?
We have some backups. Don’t panic, but, also, don’t ignore the fact you should bring yours.

What if I want to test on paper?
Only students with a 504 or Special Education accommodation will be able to test on paper.

What other dates are we testing?
Algebra 1 and U.S. History will be on May 4. Biology will be on May 5. There will be a separate article for those dates.

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