The second round of the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) all-state choir auditions finished on Wed. Dec. 2, with 13 TCHS students advancing, the most of any school that competed in the region-even through the second round of eliminations. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, that essentially means: all TCHS competitors made the top 5 in their respective sections, and only have one more round to go.

The cuts for round 2 were released on Nov. 28, and submissions were due by Dec. 2 at midnight.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting to advance because even though I worked hard and practice, I’m still very self-conscious about my singing, but when I saw that I made it…it really reassured me in my talents as a singer…I could go as far as I want if I just keep working hard,” junior Ainsley Perry said.

The results for the auditions are below.  

Sorpano 1:

3rd Chair: Ainsley Perry

Soprano 2:

4th Chair: Kyra Rhoades

Alto 1:

1st Chair: Rachel Mareth

5th Chair: Claire Remo

Alto 2:

1st Chair: Hutton Stiller

3rd Chair: Kirryn Parson

Tenor 1:

1st Chair: Kaedyn McClain

3rd Chair: Arthur Frayzond

Tenor 2:

5th Chair: Noah Horton

4th Chair: Isaiah Blalock

Bass 1:

1st Chair: Parker Davis

2nd Chair: Alessandro Hernandez

Bass 2:

2nd Chair: Luke McCartney

3rd Chair: Houston Goff

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