In these odd times of a global pandemic, many have used quarantine to develop their style as well as who they are as people. While people began to get to know themselves, junior Haley Wilbert went through a similar development.

“I would describe my style as extremely bubbly and outgoing,” Wilbert explained. “This year COVID has really helped me progress into finding my inner bright side. I love expressing it through neon, and pastel colors because they make me feel like I can express a personality that I used to hide for a long time.”

As well as quarantine, media such as TV and movies played a big part in shaping Wilbert’s style. Characters can have such an important impact on who we are as people and can often times teach us valuable lessons. In this case, an actress and character taught Wilbert how to be her true self.

“Hunter Schafer is definitely my biggest inspiration for my day-to-day looks because she really isn’t afraid to express who she is,” Wilbert said. “She has such a vibrant, glowing style, that is always different every time you see her and she never fails to impress. Ever since I watched her on Euphoria I have felt such a connection to her personality and she has helped me really find who I am and how I want to portray myself to the world.”

Colorful and loud style is always fun and different because of the versatility of each piece. The clothing allows the wearer to create outfits each time that seem new and exciting. Wilbert takes advantage of this to create outfits that pop wonderfully.

“I try to find something that I haven’t paired together before and that can honestly make me feel like a completely different person than I was yesterday,” Wilbert said. “The key to this is that I literally mix and match, seriously, I love getting myself into random clothing pieces that make me feel more out of this world each day.”

Style is not only clothing but accessories and makeup as well. Wilbert takes the extra step forwards and creates pieces of art on her face with makeup each day. She uses bright and loud colors to fit her outfits and personality.

“Makeup is crucial for my day-to-day looks, and it’s always been something very important and close to my heart. I use makeup more as an art form, and I love using radiant colors and different designs on my eyes which especially help me give a story to my outfits,” Wilbert explained. “My favorite eye looks are made with graphic liner and glitter, and I really apply it by just drawing on my face as if it was a canvas, which has helped me bring out my more introverted side, and helps me have more and more fun each time I get ready.”

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By Sydney Shoemaker

Sydney Shoemaker is the Features Editor for the Timber Creek Talon. She is also president of the Falcon Friends club at Timber Creek. Shoemaker loves to write about style, history, and opinions. She is a senior, graduating in the class of 2021.

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