We’ve got all the details on parking spots for the 2020-2021 school year within this very, very long document. Take a look at all the details, including FAQs, Rules, and more.

First things first — Timber Creek’s full parking rules are included below. All students parking at Timber Creek must follow these rules, so please read them before heading on to the Senior Parking FAQs and rules for painting your spot.

Check out the Timber Creek Parking Rules 20-21

You read them? Awesome! They also explain what will happen if you don’t follow them.

First some information for general student parking:

Underclassmen Parking
Parking tags will be paid for through the Keller ISD WebStore at https://tx-keller.intouchreceipting.com/ for $50. All insurance information and vehicle information will be provided online. Physical proof of documents will not be required to be brought to the main office.

After payment is received, office staff will pull student information and have parking tags delivered to each student in their classroom at Timber Creek. Parking tags will be available to purchase all year. If you have chosen remote learning and purchased a parking tag, an Assistant Principal or staff member will contact you via phone or email to set up an appointment for you to pick up your tag.

If you need to pay in cash or check, there will be a designated time to purchase through the main office. More details will be released after August 26.

Remember, to park on campus you must have a parking tag. Violations will be issued starting September 4 for underclassmen and August 26 in the senior reserved lot.

Now, let’s share some more details for Seniors

FAQ of Senior Parking

What do we do if we want to purchase a parking spot?
A: You may purchase one for $100 at https://tx-keller.intouchreceipting.com/ until Thursday, August 13th.

How do we select our parking spot once we have purchased one?
A: Parking spaces will be assigned through a random generator.

Are we all painting on the same day? How do we maintain social distancing?
A. No. Even numbered spots will have 2 assigned days to paint. Odd numbered spots will have 2 assigned days to paint. You may only bring 3 people with you. If you bring someone not in your immediate family, they must wear a mask.
+ Even numbered spaces will paint on August 20th and August 22nd.
+ Odd numbered spaces will paint on August 21st and August 23rd.

How will I know if I am an EVEN or ODD numbered spot?
A. A blackboard message will be sent out on August 14th.

Do we have to paint a spot if we purchased a reserved spot?
A: Yes. All spots must be painted by October 1st or the school will release your spot to someone else with no refund issued.

What should we bring to paint our spots?
A: It would be very wise to bring the following: a tent/canopy for shade, a cooler of cold drinks/water/snacks to stay hydrated, towels/paper towels for spills/messes/sweat, lawn chairs, sunscreen, hats, broom to clean your spot before painting, paint brushes, paint rollers, and paint tins. Chalk is recommended to outline your design prior to painting. Outdoor paint works the best. Please consult with employees at Home Depot (Keller location), as they are paint experts. A primer is highly suggested to prevent cracking and chipping. (SEE THE RULES BELOW!!!)

Will we have access to restrooms?
A: The restrooms outside the gymnasium/south office will be unlocked from 8am-4pm. If you enter the building, you are required to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

Where do we park?
A: DO NOT PARK IN THE SENIOR LOT. Please park in the faculty parking lot. The adjacent parking lot to the seniors will be getting painted too, so please do not park there. It is extremely unsafe, and if you are parked there you will be asked to move your vehicle.

What happens if it rains or I cannot be there to paint?
A: You may paint on your assigned day. There must be adult supervision when you are painting.

When/how do I receive my parking pass?
A: When students arrive to paint on their designated days, they will receive their tag from an AP or staff member on duty.

If my parent is employed by the district, how do I receive a discounted parking spot?
A: Please fill out the form https://forms.gle/BxCEhaHn58LjiXUv9 to receive your discount. It will take 24 hours for your discount to reflect on the webstore.

If we have questions or concerns, what should we do?
A: Ms. Emily Boehringer (Senior Sponsor) and Ms. Sarah Willis (Assistant Principal) can assist with possible questions or concerns. You can also contact Ms. Boehringer by emailing your concern to emily.boehringer@kellerisd.net. You may also DM Ms. Boehringer on Twitter @emilyboehringer.

Senior Painting Rules

Dear Seniors and Senior Parents,
The following will serve as guidelines for the painting of senior parking spaces during the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Painting will take place on Thursday, August 19th through Sunday, August 23rd.
  • All purchased spaces must be painted prior to October 1st with no exceptions. If not painted, your space will be resold, with no refund, to avoid issues with students parking in unmarked spaces within the senior lot.
  • No painting will be allowed unsupervised by StuCo, senior class sponsors, or parents.
  • You may only paint the space for the spot that was given to you. Specific space numbers are created before the day you paint. When you arrive to paint, you will be given your specific space number.
  • Any inappropriate items brought on campus property will result in the student(s) being asked to leave and loss of painting privileges with no refunds.
  • No profane vocabulary will be painted.
  • No offensive or vulgar remarks will be painted.
  • All colors are welcome, but keep in mind fading and durability.
  • The lot will NOT be cleaned by a power wash company. Please do not use a power washer.
  • Paints are to be purchased by the student.
  • Cleanup will be required on the days of painting. Please keep this in mind and allow for enough time to pick up after yourself.
  • A primer will help create a faster seal before putting color down, according to multiple advisors within the paint industry. The standard size of a parking spot is 9 feet wide and 18 feet long.
  • Advisors also suggest only purchasing paint meant for concretes as a base coat.
  • As a suggestion, please seek advice from the following retailer below. Purchases there are much appreciated. This location has supported and continues to support our school and our community.
  • Cleaner concrete spaces may require more paint than more painted spaces. Please keep this in mind.

Home Depot Store #6548
2013 Highway 377
Keller, Texas 76248
Phone: (817)745-3376
Mon-Sat: 6:00am – 10:00pm, Sun: 8:00am – 8:00pm

Please see Ms. Boehringer or email her at emily.boehringer@kellerisd.net with any further questions.

TCHS StuCo and Senior Class sponsors

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