This year, we will be honoring our Falcons with a series of Talon Award video ceremonies that will highlight the academic achievements, honors and scholarships awarded, and future plans for our students.

Each of the presentations will be made available here as well as our YouTube and Facebook channels, premiering at 7 p.m. each night next week.

Talon Awards:
Fine Arts and CTE – May 18

Athletics & PE – May 19

Social Studies, Science and AVID – May 20

Math, Military and Special Scholarships – May 21

English and World Languages – May 22

Senior Special – May 23 (includes all previous announcements + Senior specific scholarships + Senior Documentary)

Scholarship Recipients

Norsan Abdel Baylor Scholarship
Norsan Abdel Beacon Award Scholarship
 Mercy Adu Quest Whole Person Scholarship Merit Scholarship
 Amberlee Aduddell Lubbock Christian Merit Scholarship
 Alejandro Alvarez Wells Fargo Scholarship
 Alejandro Alvarez American Airlines Scholarship
 Alejandro Alvarez Tarleton Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose St. Edwards University Academic
 Emelia Ambrose Texas State Presidents Honor Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose UTA Presidents Scholars
 Emelia Ambrose TX State Presidents Honors
 Emelia Ambrose Long Island Post Presidential Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose St. Edwards University President’s Distinguished Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose UNT Presidents Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose Southwestern University Moody Scholar Award
 Emelia Ambrose Northwestern State Theatre and Dance Scholarship
 Emelia Ambrose TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarshiop
 Emelia Ambrose Catholic Daughters of America Memorial Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Arkansas Scholarship
 Hailey Anders OU Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Tech Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Texas State Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Florida Southern Univ Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Baylor Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Central Ok Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Arkansas Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Baylor Scholarship
 Hailey Anders OU Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Florida Southern Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Tech Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Texas State Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Central OK Scholarship
 Hailey Anders Ok City Scholarship
 Hailey Anders TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Alexander Awan OU Computer Engineering Scholarship
 Alexander Awan Penn State Scholarship
 Alexander Awan Michigan State Scholarship
 Alexander Awan Perdue Scholarship
 Alexander Awan Texas Tech Scholarship
 Xavier Bailey TCU Dean’s Scholarship
 Xavier Bailey TCU Chancellors Music Scholarship
 Xavier Bailey UT Impact Scholarship
 Xavier Bailey UT TMEA Scholarship
 Gracie Baker Oregon State Scholarship
 Gracie Baker University of Denver Provost Scholarship
 Ethan Bauer Texas A&M Engineering Scholarship
 Alex Beck Texas Tech Merit
 Kaylee Billstone Baylor Merit Scholarship
 Kaylee Billstone Greater Keller Woman’s Club Scholarship
 Annabelle Boiles Hardin Simmons Scholarship
 Brooke Boyer Texas State Scholarship
 Brooke Boyer Hardin-Simmons University Scholarship
 Brooke Boyer Abilene Christian Scholarship
 Lucas Bradanini TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Lindsey Bryant Limestone College Athletic Scholarship
 Lindsey Bryant Limestone College Academic
 Mason Caillet OSU Academic
 Britnie Chanheuang Austin College Academic Excellence
 Audrey Christenson UT Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson A&M Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson TX State Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson Texas Tech Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson UNT Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson UTA Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson Tarlteton Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson Stephen F Austin Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson UTD Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson UH Highest Ranking Graduate Waiver
 Audrey Christenson TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Logan Crawford Navy Enlistment
 Alex Deleon TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Julia Drain TAMUCC Presidential Scholarship
 Julia Drain Ok Christian Presidential Scholarship
Jessie Eagan TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Nabeel Eusufazai UTA Scholarship
 Nabeel Eusufazai Baylor Scholarship
 Nabeel Eusufazai UNT Scholarship
 Nabeel Eusufazai Texas State Scholarship
 Amaka Ezukanma Oral Roberts Academic
 Amaka Ezukanma Wichita State University Academic
 Amaka Ezukanma Lamar University Academic
 Amaka Ezukanma Harding University Academic
 Catie Faubel Texas Woman’s University Honors Scholar
 Catie Faubel Texas Woman’s University Agnew Award
 Catie Faubel NJHS Scholarship
 Mason Gaddy KU Scholarship
 Briana Gaffney Abilene Christian Academic Excellence
 Briana Gaffney UNT Merit
 Skyler Gerard ACU Merit Scholarship
 Skyler Gerard University of Mississippi Merit Scholarship
 Rachel Harrell Band Scholarship
 Nathaniel Hicks TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Claire Hill Baylor Scholarship
 Claire Hill TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Claire Hill TCU Deans Scholarship
 Claire Hill Baylor Provosts Gold Scholarship
 Madi Hill Cheer Scholarship
 Carson Honeycutt Army Enlistment
 Lanae Johnson-Kleinpeter Crowder College Athletic Scholarship
 Lanae Johnson-Kleinpeter Manhattanville College Athletic Scholarship
 Sydnee Jones TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Emily Klein PEO Star Scholarship Merit Scholarship
 Carolyn Kosek TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Gentry Lamberth Band Scholarship
 Meghan Lamsfuss TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Rylee Layton Abilene Christian Academic
 Rylee Layton Abilene Christian AB Barrett
 Rylee Layton TCHS HOF Scholarship
 Aidan Lee Band Scholarship
 Aidan Lee TCU Scholarship
 Aidan Lee Baylor Scholarship
 Jake Leverett UTA Academic
 Jake Leverett Baylor Academic
 Jake Leverett University of Missouri Academic
 Jake Leverett Alabama Academic
 Katy Levie Band Scholarship
 Rachel Lopez Oklahoma Baptist Scholarship
 Rachel Lopez Harding Scholarship
 Rachel Lopez Evangel University Scholarship
 Rachel Lopez Lyon College Scholarship
 Brendan Lorenz Band Scholarship
 Delaney Lowry Cheer Scholarship
 Montserrat Luna Texas State Distinguished Scholarship
 Montserrat Luna TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Josue Marquez Band Scholarship
 Nicolas Mejia Abilene Christian John C Stevens Award
 Nicolas Mejia UNT Mean Green Merit Award
 Nicolas Mejia UNT UNT Excellence Scholarship
 Michael Mouser TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Logan Nevins Army Enlistment
 Freshia Njeri Oral Roberts Scholarship
 Freshia Njeri Univ of Kansas Scholarship
 Myles Nunez Texas Tech Presidential Merit Scholarship
 Kelly Oliphint Tech Presidential Scholarship
 Kelly Oliphint OSU Academic
 Kelly Oliphint Montana State Academic
 Kelly Oliphint Texas State Academic
 Cassandra Parks McMurry Academic
 Laura Pearson Band Scholarship
 Krystal Pichardo US Military Academy West Point Full Tuition
 Krystal Pichardo ROTC Scholarship
 Krystal Pichardo UNT Scholarship
 Shaunessy Poole Navy Enlistment
 Mason Porter TCU Frog Scholarship
 Mason Porter North Carolina A&T Merit Scholarship
 Mason Porter Loyola Chicago University Deans Scholarship
 Mason Porter Arkansas Instate Award
 Daya Powell Wayland Baptist Athletic Scholarship
 Daya Powell Ottawa University Athletic Scholarship
 Daya Powell Iowa Wesleyan University Athletic Scholarship
 Daya Powell Grandview Iowa University Athletic Scholarship
 Evan Price Band Scholarship
 Bristol Putney UNT Scholarship
 Bristol Putney UMHB Scholarship
 Bristol Putney Texas State Scholarship
 Bristol Putney Drake Scholarship
 Bristol Putney TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Brandan Riley Navy Enlistment Scholarship
 Autumn Sanders Texas Woman’s University New Student Award
 Autumn Sanders Texas Woman’s University Scholarship
 Autumn Sanders Texas Woman’s University Legacy Award
 Autumn Sanders TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 James Sanford TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Kylie Sayre OU Sower Award
 Kylie Sayre ACU A.B. Barret Award
 Jaimie Schubert Band Scholarship
 Serena Shabout Bobby Bragan Foundation Scholarship
 Serena Shabout OU Academic
 Sydney Sherlock Univeristy of Texas Dallas Scholarship
 Hannah Shipman Baylor Merit Scholarship
 Hannah Shipman Texas Tech Scholarship
 Hannah Shipman Arkansas Scholarship
 Hannah Shipman OU Scholarship
Haley Shipp UNT Scrappy Award
 Cyvon Slider TCHS HOF Scholarship
 Blake Smith OSU Merit
 Katherine Smith Freshman Distinction Scholarship
 Rylan Trautman Tech Presidential Scholarship
 Christopher Wagner U of KY Bluegrass Spirit Scholarship
 Christopher Wagner U of KY KY Future Scholars
 Jalen Welch Cheer Scholarship
 Bryce Wells UTA Maverick Scholarship
 Cade Wells Tech Presidential Scholarship
 Cade Wells Band Scholarship
 John Westbrook TCHS PTSA Scholarship
 Jordan Williams Cheer Scholarship
 Brennan Wright TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship
 Armani Xayyvongsa-Ramos Navy Enlistment

By Timber Creek Talon

The Timber Creek Talon is the student news service for Timber Creek High School in Keller Independent School District.

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