With Keller ISD schools being closed for an additional two weeks, this time is uncharted territory for students, teachers, and administrators alike. Given that school is not only a place for educational resources, but emotional and nutritional as well-it can seem a little bleak that students would go weeks without access to them. During this time of social distancing, KISD is offering a few different resources for students.

The district’s food provider, Sodexo will be providing meals for children under the age of 19 via curbside drive-thru from 11 a.m through 1 p.m. starting Monday, March 16. These services be provided Monday through Friday of both weeks. The meals will consist of protein, grain, fruit, and vegetables. Milk will also be available.

The following campuses will host these meals:

UPDATE: Beginning Tuesday, March 17, six more campuses will also begin hosting meal pick-ups:

Parents are requested to stay in their cars as they drive by to get their meals, which are available to all children in KISD, not just those on free or reduced lunch plans. One meal will be provided for each child in the vehicle. It is important to note that, by law, Sodexo will not be able to provide more meals than there are children in each vehicle.

The Keller Community Storehouse will also remain open in order to provide continual support of families in the community. The storehouse’s hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday. They will offer emergency food boxes with provided ID, as well as monthly food support; however, additional documents must be provided. Click here to be directed to the Community Storehouse’s website, as well as find additional information regarding volunteer opportunities.

Additionally, the KISD Counseling Department is encouraging students and parents to limit excessive media exposure, and discuss fears they may have in a healthy way with their families. The KISD Counseling website has more information on how to communicate with children about the Coronavirus, and will be updated accordingly with extra resources to aid people in this difficult time.

Furthermore, the KISD counseling team understands that the mental health needs of students within the district continue, even when school is closed. If one has concerns about the well being and mental health of a loved one during this pandemic, please use the following resources provided by the KISD team below to assist in getting them the support that they need.

Lastly, the KISD Counseling Department has provided a couple of helpful documents in order for families to stay calm and have fun during this extended break. Click on the following files to learn more.

“We hope this information and these resources will prove helpful during Keller ISD’s closure,” the KISD Counseling website stated. “Please know that we are working tirelessly to address the emotional needs of our students and families during this difficult time.”

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