Through the decades of style, clothing pieces ranging anywhere from scrunchies to tie-dye, continue to shine.  This essence of immortality is shown through junior Emily Snyder’s everyday style. She uses a mixture of modern clothing trends and iconic clothing from the past to create a look that proves the everlasting impact of fashion and style.

“I would describe my style as a sort of retro femme,” Snyder said. “I take a lot of my inspiration from the ’50s-’80s and try to find modern pieces that I can work into those eras.”

While Snyder does like to pick and choose from different time periods, she has a specific decade that has a special place in her heart.

“My go-to outfit is always heavily ’70s inspired,” Snyder said. “I’m always drawn to overalls, hippy skirts, and head scarfs.”

As well as inspiration from the past, Snyder looks to film for insight for her style. Specifically, movies set in the past are her favorite creativity-boosters. Additionally, Snyder takes inspiration from music icons, as well as actors and actresses

“I draw most of my inspiration from movies,” Snyder said. “I’ve taken a liking to the style from Mamma Mia and the movie Sing Street. My style icons would have to be Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad from ABBA, Barbra Streisand, and Ezra Miller.”

To fully achieve this vintage look, Snyder uses accessories to elevate her outfits. Accessories are a vital point in her wardrobe that overall polish her style.

“I cannot leave my house without accessories,” Snyder said. “I use them to help my outfits be more fun and interesting. They help add a certain flair that I can’t achieve with only clothes.”

While Snyder tends to go for a central theme, she sees the importance of variation when it comes to style. She uses her moods and feelings to determine the look she wants to go for

“Whenever I pick my outfit, I usually base it on how I’m feeling that day,” Snyder said. “Some days I wanna feel extra feminine while other days I want to be more grungy. I try to always have options and just pick and chose what feels right that day.”

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