When it comes to high school, there is a variety of styles expressed among the student body. Each person has something different and unique in what they wear. For junior Sydney Shoemaker, seeing all the styles that walk through the doors of the school everyday and also wondering how each person connected their personalities to what they wear led her to want to start the weekly column ‘Students With Style.’

“I’ve always been fascinated with styles and clothes and how they connect to personality,” Shoemaker said.

Writing the weekly column has impacted Shoemaker because of the inspiration that it has given to her for her own style and clothes. Shoemaker also has felt that Students With Style has been something that readers can connect with and enjoy reading.

“Not only does [Students With Style] give me inspiration for my own style, it also makes me feel like I’m writing something people genuinely enjoy,” Shoemaker said.

Through her writing, Shoemaker has had the opportunity to learn from her fellow classmates and to take a look a little deeper into who they are.

“It’s almost as if I’m taking a small look into their lives and their personalities solely from their choice of clothing,” Shoemaker said.

With getting a deeper look and understanding of each person she writes about, Shoemaker finds inspiration from everyone and through the several different styles she encounters.

“Each of the people I have interviewed so far have such a unique perspective on style and it allows me to broaden my own,” Shoemaker said. “It encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.”

When It comes to Shoemakers own style, there are many components to what she wears and how she decides what she will include in her style.

“I would describe my style as versatile,” Shoemaker said. “If I wear similar outfits too often I get bored, so I always like to switch it up and wear the same pieces but in different ways.”

Not only is the clothing important in her style, but her hair is also something that determines what Shoemaker will go with that day and where the outfit will go.

“I also think that the way I wear my hair is crucial to the look of my outfit, because it can change the entire vibe,” Shoemaker said.

What a person wears can be similar to their personality and for Shoemaker, she always tries to challenge herself to bring her creative side out for style and also learn to continue to love what she wears despite others and what they may think.

“To me, style is a way for me to express myself outwardly,” Shoemaker said. “In both my clothes and my life, I try not let what others think ruin what I love. I wear my clothes for me, not for anyone else.”

Planning an outfit out right before someone goes to school can be the usual, but for Shoemaker planning the night before and having a good idea of what she will wear the following day produces the best ideas.

“I have an idea of what I want to wear in my head and I try my best to produce those ideas,” Shoemaker explained.

Shoemaker has many inspirations when it comes to what she wears, whether it be through people she meets or Pinterest.

“If I’m ever going through a style-block, I go to my Pinterest boards and look through pins until I have an idea,” Shoemaker said.

Another huge inspiration is her friends who have helped her expand her style and bounce ideas around.

“All of my friends have such good style and it helps to have people around me to inspire me,” Shoemaker explained.

With style, there is often that one outfit that brings comfort and is the symbol of ones style in a way. For Shoemaker, this outfit is a pair of black straight jeans, a black belt, black Doc Martens and a sweater or t shirt. While this is a go-to, Shoemaker tries to switch it up.

”Although this is what I tend to lean towards, I try my best to switch it up everyday,” Shoemaker said.

As the school year progresses, Students With Style will continue and more inspiration will arise in Shoemaker as she continues her column.

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