Often times the people that we think of that have created the biggest impact in our lives are parents, teachers or celebrities. For sophomore Parker Pereira, one of his previous theatre teachers proved a lasting impact on how he presents himself.

“My sixth grade theatre teacher Mr. Robertson once told my class that people should dress a little formal,” Pereira said. “He said that a lot and it always stuck with me. I wear button-downs now everyone once in a while. As for my pants, I have no rhyme or reason for what I wear. If it’s cold I wear jeans and if it’s hot you’ll find me sporting some cargo pants.”

Pereira, while interested in a more formal approach to style, is still fond of a simple look. He uses more geometric pieces to pull together his outfits.

“My everyday style I would say is very angular and somewhat of a minimalist preppy look,” Pereira said.

Similar to his easy-going style, Pereira’s process of getting ready in the morning is just as simple. Although the task of his morning ritual is, for the most part, the same, some days vary.

“My morning routine changes day-to-day. On Mondays, I take a morning shower so I can brush out my hair before school. Other than that most of my days stay the same,” Pereira said. “I’ll go and open my window so I know what the weather’s like outside that way I know if I should plan to bundle up or if it’s cargo pants and short sleeves kinda day.”

Pereira doesn’t necessarily think his style, in regards to clothes, is notable. He does, however, have another trait he believes is significant. 

“I don’t think my clothes reveal a lot of who I am as a person, but I do think my hair speaks a lot about me,” Pereira said. “It’s big, it’s out there, it’s different compared to most, just like me.”

By Sydney Shoemaker

Sydney Shoemaker is the Features Editor for the Timber Creek Talon. She is also president of the Falcon Friends club at Timber Creek. Shoemaker loves to write about style, history, and opinions. She is a senior, graduating in the class of 2021.

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