Through the power of time travel, some of the world’s greatest enlightenment thinkers transport all the way from 18th century Europe to Barnes and Noble in Southlake, TX. The historical figures, donned in their finest 18th century attire, were being portrayed by AP European History students and were ‘invited’ by Madame Geoffrin (portrayed by junior Grace Mack) to an Enlightenment Salon to discuss topics such as women’s rights, the ideal forms of government, religion, and their thoughts on the world in 2019. The figures ranged all the way from Marie Antoinette, to Voltaire and Mozart.

“I’m Madame Geoffrin, the founder of Enlightenment Salons, and a leading female figure in the Enlightenment,” Mack said. “I’ve invited artists, thinkers, philosophers, musicians, and writers.”

The discussion was a summative grade for the class, and students were required to print a resume for their figure and plan statements based off of discussion questions provided by European History teacher Mr. Ben Metcalf. Though majority were AP Euro students, the discussion was open to all who wanted to join.

The figures stayed committed throughout, from elaborate costumes, to thick accents, to arguing with each other on their figure’s ideals on rights and government. The students weren’t allowed to break character the whole time they were in the Barnes and Noble, even when ordering at the Starbucks downstairs.

“I’m Catherine the Great,” junior Kallyn Patterson said. “I was the Empress of Russia and I was very successful with expanding it and making it grow. If you asked any Russian today they would admire me with great respect because I set up the success of Russia.”

“I’m Peter Romanov, I’ve been invited by Madame Geoffrin to talk Enlightenment ideas,” junior Lauren Miller said. “I was the Czar of Russia and I ruled with my brother Ivan the Terrible, and took over when he died.”

“My name is Charles the II,” junior Alex Gere said. “I am the party king, I have very loose view on government of course, because why would I want to be King when I could just be partying!”

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By Peyton Lea

junior who loves yearbook and talon :)

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