In recent years, there has been a phenomenon occurring in which strange sounds have been emulating from somewhere in the sky or in a location near where the noises are heard. While there are several videos of this occurrence, many witnesses and experts looking into what it could be, no one has figured out the source of the sounds.

These sounds have ranged from loud sonic booms, blaring trumpet, and robotic like noises. These noises have been heard in a large number of countries and at random times of day. The media has covered these instances, but has been baffled to what exactly these sounds are and where they’re coming from.

“It sounded like thunder, but you could feel the ground shake and it was nothing like an earthquake,” Oklahoma resident Anthony Young said, reported by KOCO 5. “We’ve felt earthquakes before, and it was nothing like that.”

Other witnesses have said that they could tell that it was nothing they have ever experienced, and it wasn’t a sound known to be loud and common. While some say that the sounds could just be earthquakes, there are never reported earthquakes that have actually happened, leading back to the beginning where there is no source to what could possibly be these sounds.

In Lochbuie, Colorado earlier this year, the strange like booming sounds were heard all around the town. “It stood out and definitely made me wonder what it was,” a witness said, reported by CBS4 Colorado. Many living in the Silver Peaks neighborhood reported hearing multiple loud booms around 9 p.m. one night.

“It wasn’t just a small vibration, it shook the whole neighborhood,” another witness said, reported by CBS4 Colorado.

Many residents called the police, thinking the noise came from an explosion. Emergency crews looked for a possible explosion, but found nothing out of the ordinary. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) only saw a spike in noise, but there were no jets nearby or anything else that could cause the loud boom.

Several YouTube videos have been uploaded, recording these loud noises and people’s confused reactions. Videos have been from Taubate, Brazil, Northeast, Philadelphia, and many other locations.

The following information is comprised of theories, all of which are open ended, and are not facts.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has responded to the sounds by saying the Earth can make background noises, which people generally do not hear. Special equipment is needed to hear these sounds, as these sounds are not audible to the human ear. Due to conditions, NASA has said people may be able to hear the background noises. While this response is credible, some believe that NASA has not provided enough evidence to this.

Although there are numerous videos on the internet of the strange trumpet like noises, some have claimed that those specific videos could be fake due to the reasoning behind them. It said that when the “apocalypse” happens, there will be trumpet sounds and that could also mean the second coming of Jesus – meaning that he is returning back to Earth. Some have arrived at this conclusion, but it is up to an individual to make a choice in what they solely believe is creating the trumpet noises.

Another theory is that the sounds are being caused by the military, NASA, or the government. Many think that if one of these are the cause to the sounds, and they are hiding it from the common people of the world. It could be testing of sorts, relations to something beyond the earth, and many other things. Whoever it is, could be hiding it due to the extent of what they may be testing and so on.

Some scientists have said that these sounds could be huge waves hitting rocks in coastal cities. However, this has been mainly discredited, as these noises haven’t just been heard in coastal cities.

A more natural theory is that these sounds could be “spacequakes”, which is temblor of the Earth’s magnetic field. Relating to this, it is also speculated that it could be space objects smashing into each other or other space activity. Some has said that how often the sounds are, could make the “spacequake” theory not as credible.

One last major theory is that the noises are coming from aliens. It could range from an alien war in space between different species of aliens, aliens porting through space, or even aliens sending the Earth a message through these sounds. While there is no solid backup to this, it makes sense to some due to the nature of the sounds.

With several theories, nothing has been solved to the cause of these loud noises happening all over the world. As they keep happening, more confusion arises. Who or what is causing these sounds? The mystery continues.

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By Aleena Davis

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