On Oct. 16, the senior class attended an assembly in the Fine Arts Center that revealed information about prom, Mr. Falcon, Project Graduation, and fundraising opportunities. In case you missed it, here’s everything that was mentioned in the meeting, it’s essentially everything you need to know about senior year, so far.


It was revealed that the 2020 senior prom will take place on May, 16 at the River Ranch Stockyards. Seniors voted on the prom theme through the Timber Creek Talon App. All of the themes fit the location of the prom so it took some time for seniors to pick a winner. The majority of seniors opted for the Enchanted Evening theme, which will include a lot of emphasis on lighting and the magic of prom.

Senior Class Fundraisers

Upcoming spirit nights were also discussed during the assembly. Keep an eye on the class of 2020 Twitter account, @TCHS_20 for more information. Through fundraising, students are given the opportunity to get free prom tickets, and lower the cost of senior year activities. One way seniors can offset costs is through selling Butter Braids. The money must be turned in by Monday, Oct. 28, and will go to fund prom.

Mr. Falcon

The next big event senior event coming up is the Mr. Falcon Pageant. The night will surely be one to remember, as seniors will get to see the select few senior boys competing in fancy suits, strut uniquely, and showcase their talents while raising money for children with cleft lip and cleft palate. The special event will be hosted in February, so be on the lookout for more information once it gets closer.

Project Graduation

Lastly, though Project Graduation and graduation itself seems forever away, there is much to do beforehand. A parent representative of Project Graduation spoke about their latest fundraiser that is coming to a close, selling World’s Finest Chocolate. Money is due to Project Graduation Board Members by Friday, Nov. 22.

Another fundraiser Project Graduation is known for are flamingo flockings. If a senior wants to send a flock of flamingos to a family member or friend’s house, they may purchase a flamingo package by clicking here. For more information, look on the Project Graduation Twitter, @TCHSprojgrad for announcements for meetings and future events.

By Erica Seay

Senior, Talon Reporter, TCTV Sports Editor, Senior Class Vice President

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