Although some may believe style is solely clothes, it is defined as, “a manner of doing something.” When style is thought of as so, it makes sense that junior Evan Dorsey has a sense of style that perfectly embodies his personality and lifestyle.

“[I’m] just a relaxed, surfer guy,” Dorsey said. “Wanting to chill, [and] live life. Here for a good time, not a long time.”

In order to fully express his relaxed style, Dorsey pulls certain pieces of clothing that personify his mindset.

“Flowy, you know, I’m just a chill guy,” Dorsey said. “I like to wake up, look at my closet and see what’s floral or flowy. I just put it on and walk out the door.”

Often times, Dorsey’s goal is to keep his outfits simple. He uses different colors throughout the week to brighten up his life on a dim morning or he stays with a chill, easy-going color palette.

“On Monday, I usually go with brighter colors, and then throughout the week, I die down a little bit and go for normal, darker colors,” Dorsey said. “Some days, I might even put on a necklace if I’m feeling it.”

Like anyone, Dorsey has a go-to piece he feels most confident in. In this case, he enjoys the versatility of an everyday pair of shorts that can be paired with almost anything.

“Oh, definitely my khaki shorts,” Dorsey said. “I wear my khaki shorts with like anything. They’re just like the base of my outfit.”

While Dorsey feels completely comfortable in his style now, this was not always the case. Dorsey’s style last year is practically unrecognizable compared to this year, proving that style can change at any point in life.

“I’m pretty sure sophomore year, I was still wearing my Nike Elite Socks,” Dorsey said. “Over the summer, I took a trip to the islands and came back, and wore a Hawaiian shirt for the first time. I used to be that Nike Elite kid, and now I’m just me.”

Although many people look up to certain people as style icons, Dorsey pulls his inspiration from unconventional resources, such as music and movies.

“I started listening to Bob Marley, and his relaxed, like music,” Dorsey said. “It just spoke to me on a different level. I watched Moana one time and like the Hawaiian people, I kinda dug their vibe. That’s what I base my style off of, Moana and Bob Marley.”

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By Sydney Shoemaker

Sydney Shoemaker is the Features Editor for the Timber Creek Talon. She is also president of the Falcon Friends club at Timber Creek. Shoemaker loves to write about style, history, and opinions. She is a senior, graduating in the class of 2021.

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