Former Falcon Angelique Dockendorf, has moved on and is now working to obtain her PhD degree from Baylor University. Dockendorf graduated from Timber Creek as the valedictorian in the class of 2015 and graduated from Baylor with the class of 2018. As she worked through her Bachelor’s degree, Dockendorf discovered her true passion, despite it clashing the path she had already chosen.

As a freshman, taking her introductory courses into engineering, Dockendorf found her calling to go into the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This field specializes in computer science and electrical engineering in order to create computer software. With a degree in this pathway, one is able to take on the jobs of a design, broadcast, electrical, and electronic engineering.

“I discovered my passion for this simply by attending classes my first year at Baylor,” said Dockendorf. “I figured out I enjoyed learning and solving circuits as a freshman in my introductory engineering courses.”

Many students have a panicking moment as they pick their path for college while they are still in high school, but Dockendorf shows that students are able to change majors and try new directions even in college. For certain, your career isn’t set in stone when you graduate from high school. Many teachers and leaders have switched pathways in college.

”I originally came to college to study biomedical engineering,” Dockendorf said. “I switched from biomedical engineering into electrical and computer engineering at the end of my freshman year.”

Taking all of these tips into consideration, Dockendorf continues working to obtain her PhD. Despite facing initial setback, her continues to pursue her true interests and perseveres through these obstacles.

Having already graduated from Baylor University, she knows the ins and outs of being a successful graduate and making good grades. Many fields require strong dedication, forcing students to study even when physically and mentally exhausted. Any field worth studying in takes a large work ethic and a positive mentality in the face of adversity. She urges students to avoid being limited to the path they have cut out for themselves, and instead explore their options and find the things they are passionate about.

“You need a strong work ethic to succeed,” Dockendorf said. “This looks like studying late nights, working tirelessly on projects, and having perseverance to continue pursuing your degree, even on a couple of hours of sleep.”

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