The varsity and junior varsity Winterguards competed at the WGI Dallas regional competition last Saturday, Feb. 8. Both guards advanced to finals after their prelims performances, something that has never been done at a WGI contest in Timber Creek history.

“After retreat everyone was just so excited just to have made finals, but to even make finals at our first WGI competition was astounding,” junior captain, Cassidy Thompson said.

Varsity placed 15th in the Scholastic A class with a score of 64.900 and also received a promotion to the National A classification, while JV placed 1st in the Scholastic Regional A classification with a score of 67.320.

“Both teams performed amazingly at finals, so the energy was so good that the lack of sleep didn’t matter,” Thompson stated. “It brought the whole team together and reminded us all of why we are in guard and what a great environment it is.”

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By Erin Obregon

Erin is a senior at Timber Creek. She is a flute/piccolo player in the Timber Creek band and is probably eating Starbursts.

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