Starting their season off with a solid defense and highly qualified athletes, the Lady Falcons soccer team is currently ranked second in the 6A Region 1 District standings. With their recent game on Friday, Feb. 1 against Denton Guyer at Timber Creek High School, with varsity playing at 7:30 p.m., the team lost 2-0. The team had hoped their early success in the season was an indicator of their future success in making playoffs for the ninth time in a row, continuing their long running team tradition.

This is one of the most challenging districts we’ve been in,” team captain Colleen Anderson said. “This year we have a really solid defense and good midfield, but overall I think we’re an all-around special team with skillful and qualified players in all positions that everyone should look out for.”

Setting personal as well as team wide expectations at the beginning of the season and modifying them as the year progresses, the team has worked to build a solid line of communication between the players, being widely underclassmen based. Truly giving their all and working with one another each time they step out onto the field, Anderson believes that the young team has filled in any underlying gaps strongly, playing physically and mentally to their entire capacity.

As a young team it was important to adjust and fill those roles and gaps in strongly,” said Anderson. “It’ll be tough, but I believe we can make it to the playoffs if we do what we know and play to the best of our ability each and every game. [We]…support one another every step of the way.”

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By Samantha Sandusky

Senior at Timber Creek.

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