On Saturday April 14, the drumline won first place at the National Texas Colorguard Association Championships or NTCA, making Timber Creek history. It was the drumline’s first time winning at the competition after winning second the year before.

“After our name was announced as first place in our class, we all got to stand on the first place mat and finally get our gold medals,” described senior snare drum player, Nick Oldenburg. “After a bronze and two silvers in the past three years, having Mr. Mason put the gold medal on me was surreal.”

Chad Mason is the percussion instructor along with percussion assistant Al Dunn who leads the group into their success.

“Regardless of first place the group has grown in many ways,” described Mason. “Every section is now playing advance music and achieving it.  Not only are they able to achieve it, now they can perform it and really sell the emotions of the music to the audience.”

In each caption there are two judges, music/visual effect and music/visual performance. The instructors design their show to be successful in each caption being judged.

“We didn’t win in every caption, but when the scores were added we ended up on top,” explained Mason.

Senior cymbal player, Madeline Munoz explained remembering her first time performing and how “it’s more than just playing clean notes, but telling a story and showing off what we have worked on for so long. As a group, we have dedicated so much time and effort that performing was filled with excitement and desire to get our best show out there.”

The drumline will be traveling to Dayton, Ohio for WGI World Championships and will be competing against groups from around the world. It will be there first year traveling to this competition and will be competing April 18-20.

“This is just want we needed before our first trip to Dayton. We beat a great drumline who has been up there for the past three years,” explained Mason. “This win proves that we are making the right decision to go to WGI. I feel like this will only push the kids harder to get even better while practicing in Dayton. Nothing is guaranteed so they will have to bring their a-game again.”

The student’s first place win just days before leaving for championships leaves them with confidence before the end of their season.

“I think it was definitely a confidence booster that has us even more excited to perform [in Dayton], not only at our next performance,” described Munoz,” but to show that we can be even more detailed and make our show the best it can possibly be.”

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By Paige Greene

Paige is a senior, plays marimba in the drumline, and is broadcast managing editor of TCTV. She is almost always thinking about Whataburger.

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