How to Connect to the New KellerISD Wifi Networks

Keller ISD now has two new WiFi networks this year, KellerISD and KellerISD-Guest.

To connect to Keller ISD secure Wifi Network, go to WiFi and under Wifi networks touch the Keller ISD network. Then, enter your employee or student ID number and the password that you use to login to the computer. Then, touch connect.

To connect to KellerISD-Guest, under Wifi Networks touch the KellerISD-Guest network and wait until the authorization page opens. If a webpage does not open, close the browser and re-open it. After the webpage opens, select the guest self registration link. Then, complete all required information, check the box to agree to terms and conditions, and click on the register button. The next webpage will have your username and a password. Click Sign on. A new page will open, click accept and then click on continue. You should get the Keller ISD webpage, the device is now connected to KellerISD-Guest wireless network. After you have registered for the Guest WiFi, it will reset after one week, and you will have to re-register.

Last year, due to congestion from streaming services that was impacting the network, Keller ISD removed the KISDstaff wireless and replaced it with a different network under the name “Keller ISD.”

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