Library Closed for Testing?

Timber Creek’s sanctuary for voracious readers often find its large space taken over for other reasons.

Every so often, students have found the library closed due to testing or school events. Some of the classes held in the library were temporarily moved and students who spend off-periods in the library take refuge elsewhere. However, questions have been raised about why the library would be used for these occasions.

The library was closed for nearly a week in the fall 2016 term due to the make up STARR tests and due to the fact that these tests are important to graduate high school, students need a testing environment. The library can be closed off and can hold all the testers.

“We can test several different groups in the same place without asking multiple teachers to give up their classrooms,” Timber Creek librarian, Brandy Abbott said about the makeup STAAR testing, “There are up to eight different groups testing at one time.”

Using the library is the most efficient place to test the make-up STAAR. With its silent environment, testers can test in peace and less teachers have to move their classes. Although, some students still wish for another option when events close the library.

“I understand why the library is the ideal spot for events,” student Candice Ngo. “So when the library is closed, I just make sure to renew my books and print out my assignments the day before.”

As of now, there is only one event, the Academic Decathlon Regional Meet, that will cause the library to be closed on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.

“The library is awesome,” said junior Jen Keath, “When it is closed, I’m the one who will stand there and longingly place my hand on the locked door, hoping this is a nightmare.”

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