Food On The Run – Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Visits Timber Creek

Most would be alarmed by the fact that their food is moving, nevertheless, driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was only a cause for excitement.

The Wienermobile took an unexpected stop at Timber Creek High School on Tuesday, Jan. 17 during the tour across America. The main goal of the company is driving the franchise’s six hot dog shaped vehicles nationwide to promote sales of Oscar Mayer products. Though the visit was during Oscar Meyer’s scheduled travels, the driver of the lunchtime meal was only present to pick up their cousin, a student of Timber Creek.

On schedule, at this same moment, Susan Melton and her class were being set on their way as the school day had been reaching the end. According to Jessica Avila, a Timber Creek teacher, the Wienermobile was not unheard of.

As a class, the “kids had already read about it about a few months before,” Avila disclosed.

Featured on News-2-You, a news outlet catering to five different reading comprehension levels, the story also enclosed recipes for mouth-watering meals which they referenced during their endeavors in the kitchen.

Thinking back to their midday meal to now a larger than life figure, Gabriel Kim’s first impression upon setting eyes on the vehicle was a realization, “It looked like a hot dog.”

Kim confessed his surprise of the contraption before him. The sophomore had even professed his love of “putting ketchup and mustard on [his] hot dogs.”

Despite the fact that the distant fanatics savored the brief visit, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile had left as soon as it had come. Although through a nontraditional channel, Crystal Perez, another class aide, went the extra mile and tweeted @WienerMobile in hopes to requisition their presence in a more timely manner for her students. Currently, the brand has over 1,000 requests nationwide, so these wishful students are keeping their plates cleared for the return of the Wienermobile to Timber Creek.

“All the time we try to do cool stuff and create cool experiences for them for when they look back at high school and remember times like these,” said Avila, “Times when they had fun.”  

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