Between Sidelines: Timber Creek’s Women’s Soccer Shoots Towards Playoffs

Hoping to make it into the playoffs for the seventh year in a row and advance to fight for the State Title, the Timber Creek Women’s Soccer team has stepped up in assisting one another fill roles.

We have had to do a lot of growing up quickly this year. In many games we are starting six to seven freshmen and sophomores,” said both Coach Taylor May and Head Coach Mike King. “Our Juniors and Seniors have done a fantastic job in molding and mentoring the younger girls into what we expect as a Timber Creek Women’s Soccer player. Our freshmen have stepped up to fill roles we needed…we’re on pace to shatter our seasons records for goals scored and defensively are strong [in our unwillingness] to give up goals.”

With their Varsity almost fully undefeated, the girls soccer team shoots towards the goal of playing in the District championships after having played successful during the past three tournaments and two district games. For student athletes like junior Courtney Sebazco and sophomore Kaylee Bogle, training has become crucial to their success, wanting not only individually but also along with the rest of the team to further advance in the district and make a statement of the young team’s growing impact.

“We’ve [come so far] and [have] great team chemistry,” said Sebazco. “We are determined to win our district and make a statement in playoffs, so we know how important it is for us to keep going. Our determination will push us as far as it did in the pre-season; we compete physically and technically with a huge mentality.”

Likewise, Bogle shared the same characteristics of the team’s success as a whole. Based on how the other teams within the district perform, Timber Creek’s girls team will compete out of the four top teams for a spot in Playoffs. Having lost the first round of Playoffs during the previous season, Bogle as well others aim towards a shot at a District Championship, truly giving their all and working with one another each time they step out onto the field.

“We come to play and never give up,” said Bogle. “We have shown we can win, [that] we can comeback from being down, and we can play till the end. [Soccer] has impacted my life greatly. Every single person on this team supports one another no matter what. I’ve learned what Falcon Family truly means.”

Timber Creek Sports Network has three TCHS Women’s Soccer games on the schedule for this season, with the first set for Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. Click here to see upcoming live streams:

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