TC Varsity Wrestling Squashed the Competition

Timber Creek wrestlers on both the boys and girls varsity teams squashed the competition on Dec. 10.

TC’s boys varsity wrestling team won the Titan Games Championship at Frisco Centennial High School. This is the first championship for boys varsity wrestling in Timber Creek’s history.

“Winning the championship felt awesome! It really showed us that our hard work and determination is finally paying off. It was really inspiring because it proved that our program has transformed so much in the last few years. Big thanks to our coaches, Roark and Harrison. We couldn’t have done it without them! We were determined to wrestle to our full potential, have some fun and win our first tournament,” Jeremiah Miller, senior and varsity wrestling captain, commented.

This is not the first year that the boys varsity wrestling team has competed in the Titan Games. Last year, the team won second place. The team’s strategy this year was different. The wrestlers focused on a team approach.

“I think even though wrestling is an individual sport, this team really comes together to support each other to get the wins needed to win an event like this. Every wrestler on the team is important,” Tommy Dalzell, junior and three-year TC varsity wrestler, explained.

Rachel Bridges, reigning state champion and four-year varsity wrestler, won first in the Texas Ladies Classic at Frisco High School.

“(Learning I got first) felt pretty good to know that my season was heading in the right direction,” Bridges said.

The varsity wrestling teams compete at the TC Christmas Classic at Timber Creek on Dec. 17. Come out and support your wrestlers.

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