Falcons #SHINE Brighter Together

Introducing the theme for the 2016-17 Creek Yearbook.

Developed even before the school year started, The Creek Yearbook editors knew this year had a different feel — a unifying spirit that had a goal to let every Timber Creek student’s light shine.

That’s our focus, too. Talon has used our big spotlight to showcase amazing students, strong opinions, and the news and information the community needs to know about. TCTV has highlighted events and activities in video and shared creative video productions. TCFM started this year to share the sounds of our incredible choir and band, plus enable students to share their own music. Our Sports Network displays the excitement and athleticism of TCHS sports. Even our smaller projects like the Arts and Literature Magazine serve to let our students shine with their unique art and interesting prose.

The Creek Yearbook takes all of those activities and allows student editors to build a high-quality print product that serves as a snapshot for an entire school year. This year, the yearbook’s cover contains a quote that helps identify the spirit of this school year: “Let us not outshine one another, but let us SHINE brighter together.”

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