TCHS JV1 Tennis Serves Success at Fall District Tournament

The TCHS Junior Varsity 1 Tennis Team ended their fall season with a third place finish in the district tournament.

On Nov. 1, the JV1 team set out in the early hours of the day to compete in the highly anticipated district tournament, which the players spent weeks of hard work preparing for. Throughout the entire season, each school recorded their losses and wins after their regular matches. At the end of the fall season, the top schools fight to claim the highest ranks amongst one another.

After a morning loss to rival Keller High School, the team entered the second afternoon match against Central High School with an even stronger desire to win. Earlier in the season, TCHS lost a match against Central that ended in a score of 7-12, which motivated them to work harder and avenge their defeat.

As the day went on, the overall match score remained neck and neck between the schools, foreshadowing an inevitably close win. With the score ranging from 2-2 to 4-5 to 7-5 as the sets progressed, the players were kept on their toes, wondering which team would come out victorious. Once the final three sets had begun, the match score was tied at 8-8 between the schools, and these games would decide whether or not TC would return with a trophy, representing their hard work and determination.

Finally, the team erupted in cheers and rushed to the courts as Stephanie Wan beat her opponent and was victorious in the winning game. Wan’s triumph brought the total match score to 10-9, putting TCHS JV1 at a 3rd place finish in their fall district tournament.

“I was very nervous being one of the last matches and not knowing the overall score, so it was a shock when [other teammates] ran to the court and congratulated me,” commented Wan. “It was a great win against Central, and I am looking forward to the spring season!”

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