Red Ribbon Dress Up Days Cause Confusion

Many students may have noticed the abrupt inclusion or the lack of activity for Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 24-28, 2016.

Timber Creek Principal, Donnie Bartlett, decided to increase expose awareness last minute during the last two days of Red Ribbon Week with “Team Up Against Drugs” on Thursday and “Your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades” on Friday.

Students on Twitter have questioned why Timber Creek did not have dress up days during Red Ribbon Week this year.

Student Council advisor, Stacey Cleveland, explained why she decided against the dress up days. Student Council wanted to focus on the pep rallies at the middle and elementary school level including the Timber Creek “Lights Out” pep rally.

“For this first year, we are going to take it easy because we would rather do something really well than do something partially well and it kind of flop,” Cleveland stated.

Dress up days have to go through many outlets before the students can participate. Cleveland has to approve the idea given to her by members of her leadership class or Student Council in general.

“When I think these are good dress up days, then Ms. Somerhalder is my direct report for Student Council so then we have run the ideas by her for her final stamp of approval,” Cleveland commented.

STUCO has other responsibilities throughout the year. Student Council hosted a lock-in with StuCo leadership and members on Oct. 22 to talk about future dress up days and events.

“We have other duties than just making this a dress up week. Just because we had Homecoming and then in December, we will have two weeks of dress up days. We figured if we had it too often kids will get jaded with it, but it we don’t have it often enough kids get upset about it. We have to find that right balance,” Cleveland added.

This Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016 will be a “decades” dress-up day for the Senior Recognition pep rally and football game. More details here:

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