40 TCHS Students and Three Alternates Make an All-Region Choir

Remarkable occurrences happened for Timber Creek on Oct. 8 as 40 people and three alternates were named in All-Region Choir. The students gathered to audition for round two of All-State and also for ninth and 10th graders to audition for an honor choir.

Timber Creek took 35 choir students and two alternates to round three and ended up with 17 advancing to the next round and two alternates. TCHS Choir also grabbed 10 spots in the district treble choir and 15 spots in the ninth and 10th grade honor choir.

History happened in this round when Xavier Bailey became the first ever freshman at Timber Creek to ever place in first on his voice part. Bailey was very nervous as the announcer gave out the names.

“Once they came and said Aidan’s name (a junior student), I thought I didn’t make it,” Bailey said.

When it was declared that he made first chair, Timber Creek choir celebrated Xavier Bailey’s victory, screaming his name and congratulating him on his success.

This year marked many new segments to the All-State process, primarily because Timber Creek is a part of a new region.

“These auditions this year have been very different because of our new region,” said fourth chair tenor 1 Jacob Rodriguez. “In our region this year, they had the men audition a month earlier than last year, and we also don’t get comment sheets ’til round three.”

In this new region, Timber Creek gets to compete with new competitors which makes it difficult for auditioners since it is competition they haven’t experienced yet.

Seasoned All-State participant Hannah Davis said, “We didn’t have to sightread at the first round, and we also received the cuts about three days prior to the audition.”

Another action the new region introduced was the creation of the ninth and 10th grade honor choir. Since the All-State music is challenging for underclassmen, freshmen and sophomores will have a chance to be in All-Region choir by auditioning for this process. The system and level of music is much easier for them, and it extends them the opportunity to improve their premature voices.

Emmie Ambrose, a freshman alto, said, “I was never nervous until I was actually behind the curtain auditioning.”

Talking about the ninth and 10 grade honor choir system, Ambrose made 11th place in her room and was ecstatic when she found out. The ninth and 10th honor choir audition on Oct. 8 was so popular that voice parts like soprano and alto had to be split into 4-6 rooms, taking as little as seven students in each room.

Round 2 was very peculiar this year, but the TCHS choir held it together because of the students’ dedication to music and the hope of achieving All-State.

Davis said, “I’ve continued to do it this whole time also, because making it once really motivated me to keep auditioning…the experience was something I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Congratulations to everyone who made an All-Region Choir:

All-Region Mixed

Soprano 1:

Stephanie-Grace Makayabo
Angela Richmond

Soprano 2:
Hannah Davis
Elaina Allen
Jordan Davis-1st alternate

Alto 1:
Caroline Norton
Paisley Rasmussen
Amanda Barber
Cossette Rodriguez

Alto 2:
Madelynne Vansickle
Adrianna Jagodzinski
Sierra Williams-2nd Alternate

Tenor 1:
Jacob Rodriguez
Jesse Champion

Tenor 2:
Nam Nguyen
Kaleb Hook
Quinton Porter

Bass 1:
Xavier Bailey
Aidan Barriga

Ninth and 10th grader honor choir

Savannah Rose
Claire Hill
Emily Russell

Kaylee Whittaker
Emmie Ambrose
Mickey Dearmond
Breana McClay
Joanna Makayabo
Bailey Colliar
Ty Rasco
Kailey Holton

Derek Johnson

Jared Gamber
Shawn Harris
Blake Smith


District Treble

Soprano 1:
Kaitlynn McClay
Floriana Azemi
Grace Lesniewicz
Chynna Thompson
Ruth Ngeny

Soprano 2:
Brooke Mask
Mary McCasland
Hannah McIntyre
Myakayla Mason

Alto 2:
Madilyn Schiefelbein

Adrianna Jagodzinski

Written by 

Adrianna Jagodzinski is a 17 year old senior and a first year Talon reporter. She is a varsity mixed/show choir member in the TCHS choir program and is also in NHS. On her bucket list she wishes to skydive, go to Bolivia, and be a choir director.

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