What It’s Like to Be on Homecoming Court

Homecoming week sparks a lot of anticipation for students, but for a few students that anticipation also comes with a small dose responsibility.

The homecoming court is elected upon the student body at Timber Creek. The student body is encouraged to vote for diverse people that represent Timber Creek’s spirit and morals. The homecoming court is expected to be in the homecoming parade wearing their homecoming sash on their designated classes float. The underclassmen are expected to be at the dance for when the results are announced.

The senior homecoming court is especially unique because not only are they presented to the community in the homecoming parade, but they also walk the field during halftime at the homecoming game.

Homecoming Queen, Clara Mckasson, describes the experience as “really nerve-wracking walking onto the field because I’m clumsy and I thought I would trip. I was so happy to have my parents there with me and to have their support (literally) walking out onto that field. I was honestly extremely surprised when I won. I feel so honored to represent Timber Creek and band. The whole experience was so much fun.”

While the underclassmen court does not walk the field during halftime, they still are presented to the community during the homecoming parade.

“Being in the homecoming parade was definitely one of the highest points in my year thus far. There was so many children looking up to us on the float, and it was a really nice feeling to be able to wave and see their faces light up. I felt very important and thankful to be representing the Junior class. It was a very enjoyable experience all around and I wish everyone could experience it at one point or another,” commented Junior class nominee, Colin Sanders.

Some are lucky enough to experience being on homecoming court multiple times throughout their high school career.

“I feel so honored to know that my class chose me to represent them each year of high school. It is such a blessing to create these memories and to share it with different students each year. I could not be more proud of the 2017 Senior class,” commented Senior class nominee, Kenzie Magee.

2016 Homecoming Court

Homecoming Queen – Clara McKasson
Homecoming King – Austin Dye
Junior Prince – Nathan Grimes
Junior Princess – Emily Uvaney
Sophomore Prince – Hunter Donaldson
Sophomore Princess – Abby Gentry
Freshman Prince – Will Pujol
Freshman Princess – Jesse Morisson

See photos of the Homecoming Court from The Creek Yearbook below:

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