JROTC – A Leadership Course

“JROTC in itself is a leadership course,” said Cadet Airman first class, Jordan Cuddeford. “There’s a mixture of different aspects, but leadership is the key point.”

The organization teaches students wellness, leadership, and diversity. Those students then dedicate almost 5,000 hours a year to community service.

“We have multiple teams that compete every month, and are scored against other teams from other areas,” said Cuddeforyd. Some of those teams include Drill Team, in which they are to perform a number of precise moves, and Orienteering Team, where students are lost in the woods and have to use just a map and a compass to get themselves out.

“Everything has a purpose, even the smallest things they make you do over and over again until you get it right has meaning and reason,” said Cuddeford.

JROTC consists of numerous different drill teams, color guard teams, physical training teams, and academic teams. There is also a model rocketry club, along with organizations such as Kitty Hawk, which is a tutoring society.

Cuddeford comments, “It doesn’t matter what school you’re from, your grade, your background, everyone’s a part of the family from day one.”

Tabitha Tomlinson

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