Reba, a prize-winning show cow.
Reba, a prize-winning show cow raised by TCHS student Bailee O’Brien, gets a pet from Talon Reporter Frankie Lopez.

Members of Future Farmers of America (FFA) will have the opportunity to compete and show their animals in the Fort Worth stock show Jan. 15-16.

About four or five students go and show their various animals to make a profit off of. The winners receive a ribbon and then can either sell or keep the animal for breeding.

“Showing animals takes a lot of time, it’s not like raising a pet,” says junior Nic McKittrick. “I’ve had Tac (my goat) for 5 months and have to work with her daily to get her show ready.”

When showing animals such as goats, students walk the goats around before the judge picks the best looking. For chickens, the handler places the fluffed chicken on the table and as the judge examines it, the animal that makes the most noise and is best looking will usually win.

Some art students at Timber Creek also had the chance to enter any western themed art into the art competition.

“I painted a pair of boots for my entry, but many people do farms animals or farms,” said junior art student Sara Rubio. Winners will receive money for a scholarship.

Free tickets for the Fort Worth Stock Show will be available to students during lunch starting Jan. 6 and will be valid through Jan. 18.

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By Kristen Fox

Kristen Fox is a Junior Lieutenant for the Timber Creek Sky Dancers.