Change Your “Perception” With Indoor Drumline Show

The Timber Creek drum line marches during a August 2014 performance.

If you walk through the Fine Arts hallway and hear bass drops and groovy beats coming from the auditorium, it’s most likely the Timber Creek High School Drumline rehearsing for their indoor competitions.

Yes, folks – we do have an indoor drumline.

The drumline’s indoor show called “Perception” is all about playing mind games with the audience, according to snare drummer Sam Schlebach. This year’s show emphasizes more on the design and visual effects since it includes drummers crossing on treadmills, the front ensemble doing body movements, a setting with a trippy black and white pattern, and costumes that camouflage the players.

Their first contest is on Saturday, Feb. 7, at Adamson High School in Dallas, Texas with a performance at 5:45 pm. This is just one of the five shows that they will be having this season. To check the rest of the drumline’s contest dates, just visit

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