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The Timber Creek Talon App offers notifications and news alerts, easy access to important links and information, plus our events calendar, and content from TCTV, TCFM, and Timber Creek Sports Network all in one place.

The Talon app is a progressive web application and does not need to be downloaded from the iOS or Google Play store — all you need to do is add https://www.timbercreektalon.com to your home screen. See the instructions below based on your mobile device to do this.

For notifications, make sure you click the bell and complete the process to accept alerts from Timber Creek Talon. If you’ve added Talon to your home screen, you’ll get a notification on your phone for important news alerts only. Alerts will appear on computers that have the Talon open in a tab.

All this is FREE for the entire Timber Creek community thanks to Timber Creek Student Media.

Add Talon to Your Home Screen

Get easy access to all the info you need by adding Talon to your home screen or app drawer with a quick click.

How to on iOS

Click the Share icon on your browser.

Then select the option to Add to Home Screen

Because the Talon is a progressive web app, that’s all you need!

How to on Android

This should be even easier — and give you more features.

Check out the bottom of any page to find an “Add Timber Creek Talon to Home Screen” prompt. That will put Talon right on your home screen or app drawer.

If that doesn’t work, use the menu in Chrome to add the page to your home screen.

With the Android progressive web app, you’ll launch a version of Talon that can deliver notifications (if you subscribe) to your phone. It’ll also save data and battery instead of opening a regular browser.


Currently notifications work for Android, Chrome, Safari on Mac computers, and other desktop browsers.

iOS web notification support is currently disabled by Apple, but expected in a future iOS browser update.