How to Handle Schedule Changes

With the significant changes in the high school schedule, Timber Creek students may be worried about how to deal with any schedule issues. Fear not. This post should help you work through the issues. First Things First Students arriving to Timber Creek on Monday will find their first period locations posted in the […]

First Talon Meeting Set for Aug. 27

Ready to share your story with the Timber Creek Talon? The first meeting of the year is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 27 after school. The meeting will introduce the Talon to students, answer questions, and allow those interested to join the group. There is no cost to join the Talon […]

Join the Talon Team

Ready to share your story? Join the Talon team by submitting your written content, photos, and videos. If selected, your content will be published and visible to parents, teachers, students, and the Timber Creek community — plus, it’ll be featured on social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. In short, […]