Every year hundreds of Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics will be celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month, but what are the origins behind it? National Hispanic Heritage Month is widely celebrated throughout many Nations. This year Hispanic Heritage Month began on Thursday, September 15th and will last until Saturday, October 15th. Originally in 1968 president Lyndon Johnson started Hispanic Heritage week which was later extended to Hispanic Heritage Month in 1988 by president Ronald Reagan.

Specifically in America, Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated by paying our tributes too many Americans Latinos who’s families or themselves came from a latin country. Along with that, we also celebrate by having festivals, parades, and events that can better educate you about these countries along with teaching you their history and culture.

Not only is Hispanic Heritage Month about celebrating Hispanic and Latin countries but throughout the month many Latin American countries also celebrate their Independence days including: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile. In Columbia, on October 12 Dia De la Raza falls on the 30 day mark period. Along with that they also celebrate other holidays such as Virgin Island Puerto Rico friendship day.

Although many Americans celebrate this month, it is also favorable for many American Hispanics or Latinos to learn about their roots and where they came from. It teaches many people to have a sense of pride to be able to celebrate and teach people where they or there families come from.