The Timber Creek Talon is now an after school club. Students create stories and get them published onto the website, ranging all around in different topics; Opinions, Fine Arts, Sports, News, and Features. Meetings will be every Thursday from 4-5 p.m. in N200 starting Sept. 8.

Overall, Talon is a place where you are able to be as creative as you wish. You will be given the opportunity to write articles, work alongside an editor, and have it published on the Talon website. The community is welcoming and offers a fast paced and exciting aptmosphere. All grade levels are welcome and encouraged to join. If you are interested, attend a meeting or contact Mrs. Spencer.

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By Jasmine Adams

Jasmine Adams is a Senior at Timber Creek High School. She has a year of Talon under her belt, as well as five years of AVID. She has a passion for digital art and photography.