From August to the middle of March, The Creek Yearbook staff has captured over 20,000 photos, and edited and posted 5,056 on their SmugMug. With the yearbook now submitted, the first all-female staff shares their favorite photos from the school year below.

Zoe Taylor Co-Editor in Chief

“When I’m actively being a photographer I take on a whole other personality. I love getting to go and just do my job. There is a certain type of peace that you only get from taking pictures. One of the things I love most about being a photographer is knowing that the people in my pictures are going to be so happy that some of their favorite high school memories were captured.”

Emma Margason Co-Editor in Chief

“Being a photographer for The Creek Yearbook means capturing moments that will outlive your time in high school. It means capturing the nitty gritty, the behind the scenes, the deep emotions, and the passion people put into doing what they love. I’m so grateful for my time as a yearbook photographer. It has helped me get outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.”

Tisha Shrestha

“Capture first and compose later is something I always think of when I go shoot. Being a part of yearbook has given me so many opportunities to grow and learn as a photographer.”

Bren McDonald

“Being a photographer for The Creek Yearbook is being able to capture the emotions and memories for the school. It also means dedicating time and effort to making a perfect spread and is rewarding when people get to feel the same joy as we did when we first saw it.”

Courtni Culbertson

“Being a photographer allowed for me to capture the most beautiful, heartbreaking, critical moments for people. I believe that photography really makes a story and almost allows someone to relive it. When doing it with the people you care about most it means so much more, as you make your own memories and capture your own moments.”

Lauren Butler

“Being my first year on staff I was given the opportunity to go to many different events and experience many things I would have never experienced with out yearbook.”

Ella Neuwirth

“Being a yearbook photographer has let me be part of and enjoy school traditions and events so much more. I’ve never really had any inclination to be part of school culture, but now that I’ve been to so many events with a camera in my hand, I feel as though I’ve been able to appreciate events that I would’ve normally never gone to.”

Ashley Foster

“It makes a big impact on myself and my peers for being able to capture moments in history, and memories from school. It shows off how talented all of our photographers are and how many diverse events we cover. I love being able to be a part of such an amazing team, creating a phenomenal book out of all of our photos.”

Taylor Reatz

“I love being a part of The Creek Yearbook staff, being a photographer here means community and dedication to me. We are always there for each other but also have to put in a lot of work but we work together and make it fun.”

Erin Ankomah

“Being a photographer on yearbook is like to finally be let in after watching from the outside through the window. You are apart of something that not a lot of people are and you get to absorb all that and make it into something beautiful. You make memories last.”

Mason Bass

“Being a Timber Creek photographer has been a dream since I was ten, and saw them on the sidelines of each and every football game. It takes a lot of time and energy to become a great photographer, and one can truly see that when looking at the photo. Capturing that moment is something that will truly last forever.”

Camila Rubio

“Being a first year on staff it was fun capturing memories.”

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By Bren McDonald

Bren McDonald is a senior at Timber Creek High School. She is the Publishing Managing Editor, producer and host of the Armchair Detective's podcast, and a member of The Creek Yearbook staff.