Over the weekends of March 26 and April 2, TCHS hosted the District Academic UIL along with the Speech and Debate district meets. The effort was a joint one amongst staff and students alike. With competitors in 10 different events, this years’ tournaments were a success for the hardworking students that both ran and competed in them.

Academic Event Winners:

Bryson Klosel- Current Events and Issues, 2nd place, Advancing to Regionals

Arthur Frayzond- Current Events and Issues, 5th place.

TCHS Current Events Team (Bryson Klosel, Arthur Frayzond, Nathaniel Watkins, and Ethan Schnider) – 2nd place overall

Brody Martin- Computer Applications, 4th place

Mason Bass- Feature Writing, 2nd place, Advancing to Regionals

Alexis Collins- Feature Writing, 6th place

Cooper Gant- Headline Writing, 3rd place, Advancing to Regionals

Haashir Choudhry- Number Sense, 6th place

Speech and Debate Winners:

Arthur Frayzond- Informative Speaking, 1st place, Advancing to Regionals

Nathaniel Watkins- Informative Speaking, 6th place

Ethan Schnider- LD debate, 5th place

Ethan Schnider- Persuasive Speaking, 2nd place, Advancing to Regionals

Ryan Selander- Prose Interpretation, 6th place

Congratulations to all competitors who placed at these tournaments!

By Jules

Opinion Editor, hot sauce connoisseur, and unhealthily obsessed with the bachelorette.