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Poppy Playtime is a survival/horror based video game developed and published by indie developer MOB Games. The first chapter was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on Oct. 12, 2021. The game focuses on a company that makes toys for children; the toys have almost a creepy child-like aura to them, giving them that horror feel as the player tries to survive the vengeful toys. The second chapter was teased for early 2022, with a mobile game to follow.

Poppy Playtime Chapter One: A Tight Squeeze

Once the player hits the “New Game” button, a tape starts playing of an old advertisement for a doll named Poppy, at the end of her introduction she says “I’m a real girl, just like you.” After the advertisement, a letter is shown asking the player to “Find the Flower”. 

The game then begins; starting the player off at the lobby of the factory giving them the ability to free-roam the area. Finding a green tape, the player can bring it to the green-colored tape player which causes a video to start playing, then a security guard tells the player to leave by threatening you about the hidden motion triggers that can contact authorities.

After the video plays, your character can continue looking around the lobby; you come to a door with a three-by-three colored square keypad; having put in the correct code you gain access to the “Grab Pack” room. A video then can be played showing you how to use the Grab Pack safely without harming others. When gaining the Grab Pack, you can then use the hand to grab the blue hand above the door behind the lobby desk. 

The door opens, showing the main antagonist in this chapter “Huggy Wuggy.” This character comes with an information sheet to learn more about them. Seeing another blue hand, you can use the Grab Pack on it again, which causes the power to go out. A key then appears in Huggy’s hand which can be used to the Power room. After finishing the puzzle in the power room, you can then head back to the main area where Huggy was; but when coming back, Huggy is gone.

You can then use the Grab Pack on the door again, going down a long hallway you end up coming to a door with the number 05 above it, a long blue arm sneaks its way back into that door. Going in you end up walking down a long hallway that goes to another factory area, you end up seeing the red hand locked in a case at the other side of the room. You must find all the puzzle pieces in the area to get the machine to work to get yourself the red hand.

When completing the puzzle, the machine brings the red hand container to the conveyor belt where you can grab it, you can now go to where both of the hands can be used near the caution door on the conveyor belt. When it opens you can then go into the conveyor machine where you have to once again boot power to get it started. Once it starts you begin going through the belt, taking you to the “Make A Friend” room.

In that room you must make a toy in order to leave, putting the toy in this stand right by the door as your exit ticket. Once the door opens you can go down a short hallway where Huggy then appears, leaving us in a chase scene in the conveyor belt system. When exiting the conveyor system, you end up on an iron pathway where you use the grab pack to drag a wooden crate down onto it. The pathway collapses, causing Huggy to fall into the abyss below.

You can then adventure around the iron pathways, leading you to the flower you were supposed to find. Opening the door and continuing down the hallways, you end up in a room playing soft tunes; this is where you find Poppy. Using the Grab Pack you can open her case, which causes an audio clip to start playing of her saying, “You opened my case.” Then the credits start rolling in.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly In A Web

The official game trailer for chapter two was premiered on February 22, 2022, giving us a closer look at what the players are going to be going through; but we also get a close-up look at our new antagonist “Mommy”. When watching the trailer, our narrator in this video is Poppy herself warning us that we are in grave danger. We can see new puzzles, a new hand for this grab pack, new things chasing after us, and our antagonist watching our every move.

Trailer for Poppy Playtime 2

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