This year’s Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE)) was held virtually on February 5. The mission of VASE is to recognize student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing high school art students a standard of excellence and goals to achieve. 56 Keller ISD Artists qualified for the State VASE this year. The State VASE contest will be held in April on the 29-30.

Everyone who participated in this contest worked very hard to try and make it to the top, and each piece of art holds a story that is close to the participants hearts. 20 of those qualifiers are from our school; all having to go through the scoring process to get to the next round.

“I am proud of all the students who made it into State VASE,” one of the instructors, Chrissy Fitch, says. “All of the qualifiers did really good, but there was a disadvantage to some students since it wasn’t in person, I just think that in person being able to see the artwork is way better no matter what the pieces were.”

Congratulations to Timber Creek’s qualifiers this year:

Isabel Bustos – ‘Reversal In Time’ – Kerr
Morgan Conklin – ‘Everything And Nothing’ – Kerr
Alycia Evans – ‘Laolao’ – Kerr
Jamie Pag-Ong – ‘Prehistoric Painting’ – Kerr
Lana Yu – ‘Through The Blinds’ – Kerr
Jasmine Adams – ‘Caged In’ – Fitch
Saniya Anderson – ‘Self Portrait’ – Fitch
Elyn Autrey – ‘Pogo the Clown’ – Fitch
Hannah Ongmanchi – ’11:11′ – Fitch
Hannah Ongmanchi – ‘Productivity’ – Fitch
Skylar Wright – ‘End of the World’ – Fitch
Ayan Alam – ‘Shattered Time’ – Nguyen
Isabel Bustos – ‘Overwhelming Existence’ – Nguyen
Dorian Crutchfield – ‘Spirit of Funk’ – Nguyen
Carolina Gutierrez – ‘Timeless’ – Nguyen
Bao-Nhi Nguyen – ‘People Watching’ – Nguyen
Ashley Waihenya – ‘Stressed’ – Nguyen
Gabriella Doe – ‘La Rana Dorada’ – Gardner
Kayla Hoston – ‘Speechless’ – Gardner
Gwendolyn Lindbloom – ‘Eureka Springs in the Afternoon’ – Gardner

To see the entire KISD State qualifiers art works CLICK HERE.

By Jasmine Adams

Jasmine Adams is a Senior at Timber Creek High School. She has a year of Talon under her belt, as well as five years of AVID. She has a passion for digital art and photography.