In the 2021-2022 volleyball season the Timber Creek Falcons made history by winning a Bi-District Championship for the first time in school history. From the first scrimmage in early August to final game in mid-November, these ladies have been nothing short of phenomenal to watch. The team finished with a 23-17 record and a Bi-District playoff trophy to show for it. Although they came up short in the Area playoff match, the success of this year is undeniable.

Entering her third year as the head coach of the Falcons, Melanie Mercer has established a program that produces well-rounded athletes. The key to success is determination, and this year’s roster is a testament to it.

“It just has a lot to do with the girl’s determination to win and to prove a lot of people wrong. We’re in the most competitive district in the state and in DFW, no team in our district is easy,” said Mercer. “The biggest thing you take away from these girls is like they’re determined to be successful, work hard, and prove people wrong.”

Regular Season

The regular season seemed to fly by fast for the Falcons. Although adversity hit this team hard at times, they continued to persevere. Mercer helped lead the team to a “come from behind” win against Fossil Ridge in the middle of the season. The momentum from the win was present throughout the year.

“When we played Fossil for the first time this season we were missing 3 starters for the game. We lost the first two sets but came back to reverse sweep them and win the next three sets,” said senior Halle Sherlock.

“It was on their middle school night and the energy in the gym was crazy. By the third set we were all kind of nervous, but something happened with the team,” said Mercer. “We decided we’re going to fight through, and we ended up beating them in five. That was really exciting for us to fight through.”

Post Season

After conquering their regular season, the team made school history by winning in the Bi-District playoff game. This year was the first time a Timber Creek team has hoisted that trophy, and it meant a great deal to the players.

“My favorite year of the win was by far our second win against Boswell, where we became Bi-District Champions. I got to score the last point to secure the win and I can’t even describe how that made me feel,” said senior Ava McCray. “This game was also on my 18th birthday, which made it even more special.”

“It was the crowd and energy that really felt like we had everyone behind us,” said senior Annika Barker.

“Our win against Boswell has a special place in my heart as we made school history,” said senior Megan Rosen.

Life After High School

With big name stars such as Sherlock going off to play Division 1 Volleyball at the collegiate level, this program has provided players needed skills both on and off the court. Mercer has established personal connections with the graduating group of seniors since she arrived their sophomore year, which reflects their comradely on the court.

“I have learned selflessness and how to care for the team as a whole and not just about me. That is something I will carry on into life,” said Barker.

“Something I’ve learned from this program is that hard work pays off. We worked so hard to become the greatest team we could. At times it was hard, especially with the stressors that come with being on a 6A volleyball team as well as a full time student. We learned to never give up and to work towards something bigger than ourselves,” said McCrary.

For the future of the program, it appears more greatness is set to come. Eight players from the Varsity team will be playing again next year, and as expected Mercer will continue to raise the bar of success.

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By Cooper Gant

Cooper is a the current sports editor for the Talon. He is the current president of the German club and can found at school sporting events.