This year all Timber Creek Falcons have the opportunity to be exempt from fall semester finals. Eligibility can be achieved through academic and behavioral status.

Students who meet the following criteria are exempt and do not have to attend the final exams:

  • Students who have an 85 or above semester average
  • Students who have no ISS, OSS, or DAEP assigned days

A few exceptions are made to different classes that will require final exams regardless of eligibility:

  • Courses that require Capstone assessment, project, portfolio, or performance evaluation as a final
  • Dual Credit courses
  • CTE courses

Exemptions will be relayed to students by each teacher. In addition, students who are exempt and still choose to take the final will not be penalized for any grade lower than their semester average. Taking the final exam regardless of exemption can only help boost a students grade.

The exam schedule (pictured below) will determine what day and time a student will take exams. On Wednesday Dec. 15 first and eighth period will be given extra class time to take final exams. The following Thursday and Friday will be half days without a first or eighth period.

We wish every student good luck and happy holidays as we move into winter break.