Falcon Theatre will put on their fall musical, Matilda, from Thursday, Dec. 2 through Saturday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. and on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center. Tickets will be sold at the box office and will cost $10 for students, $15 for adults, and free for kids with an adult ticket.

Matilda The Musical is directed by Amanda Brundrett and co-directed by Craig Robertson. With Matilda as a young, book smart, cunning girl, the Theatre Department wanted to display her as the strong female lead she is with senior, Nyah Adler, as Matilda.

“I think the most challenging part about playing Matilda is the fact that she’s so young yet so mature for her age, so I had to find that mix between a 5 year old who tells stories about an acrobat and an escapologist,” Adler said. “It’s been very enjoyable to bring that youthful part of myself and I’ve had so much fun getting to share that with my friends on stage.”

Then aside from the protagonist, the main antagonist, Miss Trunchbull, is played by senior, Ethan Hyatt.

“A challenge I ran into was the voice. It’s difficult to speak in her voice and a British dialect, not to mention singing in it,” Hyatt said. “Something I really like about the character is that the joke isn’t a guy playing a girl but how ridiculous acts by her being played by a male.”

With not being able to perform a musical last year, the Theatre Department was elated to be able to put on one this school year. Differentiating this show from previous ones includes a more interactive stage that was created through set design and having guest Keller ISD and TCHS administration and staff members play a role each night. Special guest; Kim Blann, Shawn Duhon, HR Lugo, and Alan Cotten were voted on by the cast members.

“This year’s musical has advanced set pieces and an incredible set as a whole. We have swings, a giant climbable gate, huge bookshelves, and so much more,” Adler said. ” I can’t wait for everyone to see what set crew has been working so hard on.”

Take a look at photos from the dress rehearsal via The Creek Yearbook. Purchase watermark-free images for your own use on SmugMug here: https://timbercreek.smugmug.com/2021-2022/Fall-Semester/November-29-2021-Matilda-Musical/

By Bren McDonald

Bren McDonald is a senior at Timber Creek High School. She is the Publishing Managing Editor, producer and host of the Armchair Detective's podcast, and a member of The Creek Yearbook staff.