Timber Creek Falcon Band concluded their marching season with a historic appearance in the UIL State Marching contest, finishing just outside of finals at 15th of 38 bands.

Starting the Journey

Starting off the season with their first competition, Falcon Band headed to Pennington field for the HEB Marching Contest. After advancing from preliminary performance to finals, they received 7th place out of 15 bands.

“Its so weird going back to competitions after a year off. I was kind of nervous about the show because until that first competition and you don’t know how you stack up against other bands, your only frame of reference is yourself,” Said Katelyn Thompson, senior, “Especially since we’d been out of the game for a year, I didn’t know how good of a band we were.”

The next weekend they made their way to the Bands of America DFW Regional, where they also advanced to finals getting 9th place out of 31 bands.

“I knew our show would do well, but I didn’t expect it to do as well as it did. You don’t realize how special it is because you do the show everyday,” Said Aaron Kiah, junior, “Then you hear lots of other people compliment you on how good it is and it makes you realize how important the thing you are doing really is and how much it means to other people who don’t even do it.”

UIL Success

Starting their journey to state, they went off to the UIL Region 30 Marching Band Contest. The band received all first division ratings and advanced to the area contest.

“I really hope we make state because I think it would be sad if we don’t make it for the 6th time in a row, but even if we don’t it’s about the journey we took to get there and not just getting there,” Said Emma Margason, senior, “I’m proud of everyone even if we don’t make it.”

After advancing to the area contest, they earned 5th place and further advanced to the state championships for the first time in school history.

“I was so proud of our band for making state and for all the effort everyone put in,” Said Sara Howard, sophomore, “Having our name announced when we advanced to state and getting to see the excitement on all of my bandmates faces was probably the highlight of my season.”

The Extended San Antonio Trip

The band’s San Antonio trip was extended to a five day trip, which included the BOA San Antonio Super Regional competition and the state championships, both held at the Alamodome. In the Super Regional, they placed 25th out of 78 bands.

“When we first started the show I was very excited because I thought it was really interesting and fun, but after the first competition, I got worried since we didn’t place very high,” said Sean Anderson, freshmen, “As the season kept going on though, the show just kept getting better and I’m very happy with how we performed at BOA San Antonio and state.”

The state competition was not originally on schedule, but after advancing to finals at area and placing in the top five, the band went on to the state championships. Just out of the top 12 that would advance to finals, the band placed 15th out of 38 bands.

“I was pretty nervous going into this competition season, especially being a drum major, I’ve always been so shy so it took some adjusting. I was excited for it being a state year, but also nervous since the way the last one turned out,” Said Caleb Pierce, senior, “The feeling when we made state was so good. I was down on the field with the other drum majors and I just remember the feeling and all of us shaking with excitement when they didn’t call our names for 6th.”

View photos from the Marching Band BOA and UIL Contest at San Antonio on Nov. 7 , 2021. All photos available for purchase here.

By Ashley Foster

Ashley is a Senior reporter for the Timber Creek Talon and a member of the Creek Yearbook Staff. She also plays the French Horn and Mellophone for the Falcon Band.