Ben Metcalf’s AP European History classes did their version of Martin Luthers 95 Theses with the grievances with the Catholic Church, on policies that they believed needed changing within Timber Creek.

Ever year after students learn about Martin Luther, AP Euro students create their own version to attempt change throughout Timber Creek. Each student wrote about a specific grievance that they felt needed to be changed, and suggested a cost efficient way to change these problems. Students wrote about topics ranging from dress code to the crowded hallways.

The purpose of this assignment was to give students a voice to make change. Each letter was given to principal Shawn Duhon, as well as extending an invitation to come and speak to the class on the issues.

Duhon came to speak to the Euro class and addressed the issues mentioned. Duhon offered solutions to issues that were aligned with what he has previously stated wanting to address.

Some of the solutions offered included discussing with the board redoing of the district to allow a more equal number of students between the schools. This solution would ideally solve the issues of overcrowding in the hallway.

He also suggested creating classes that would make use of the unused green house. Such as classes that are dedicated to plants and how they grow and flower arranging.

Solutions on getting information out to students in a better was another topic of discussion. Some solutions to this issue include a daily announcement or a weekly newsletter, containing all things going on in the school throughout the week. As well as creating a website exclusively for seniors to get all their important information throughout the year.

By Alexis Bearce

Alexis Bearce is a junior at Timber Creek. She is also a journalist for Talon.